Under 16's Match Report

By , 19 April 2012

Under 16's Match Report
Under 16's Match Report

Redcliffe beats Wilston Grange 72 - 41 after Strong Second Half Comeback Effort by the Tigers.

Under 16's Match Report
Round 2 McDonalds Cup Vs Wilston Grange 13/4/2012 at Wilston Grange
B             Bond                     Sands                    Mook
HB          Menheere          Dawson                                Marriott
C             Boyle                     Dickfos                 Patching
HF          Lundsgaard         Cester                   Hanning
FF           Thompson          Watson                                Bryant
R             Roberts                                Crispe                   Ricker
Int.         Statnickas, Hoffman, Morris-Wilson, Lynne
Score:  Redcliffe              9              18           72          
Def        Wilston Grange                6              5              41
Goals: Boyle 3, Dawson 2, Dickfos 2, Sands 1, Watson 1.
Best: Ricker, Dickfos, Hanning, Dawson, Boyle, Watson, Menheere, Thompson, Lynne
The 16’s travelled to Wilston Grange for round two of this season, and its second Friday Night game so far this year. This is more night games this year already than we have played the last 4 years put together. A great experience and an opportunity to leave the weekend open to do other things, so certainly not a bad thing as far as we were concerned. Traditionally, games between the two side are generally hard fought and close encounters so we were prepared for that and it turned out to be no different for the majority of the match.
We were in the fortunate position to have all players available to play and unfortunately a lack of a phone calls and missed training sessions was enough reason to inform a couple that they would be the ones to miss out. I am sure they regret ignoring the team rules and will not do it again.
The game started very well for us as we focused on some set ups in the middle and some direction from our backline with the kick in after a behind. It must feel good as a player when the things we do at training and the moves we work on come to fruition during a game. Our on ball brigade worked hard and gave us first use of the ball and we persisted for the majority of that quarter and provided the forwards with ample opportunity to score and Dickfos and Boyle were providing the desperation to keep the ball in until we had scored. Add to that the great attack from our backline especially Dawson and we were able to take a handy 2 goal lead into the first change.
No sooner, after giving praise for their start and asking them to continue to do what we knew was working, we let our guard down and decided we had worked hard enough and it was time for some rest, relaxation and some self preservation. In slippery conditions that demand commitment at the ball, body contact and smart use of the ball we seemed to have put up the white flag and allowed Wilston to dominate in all aspects and play their way back into the game and take a half time lead.
With the exception of Ricker and Dickfos most others were content to stand and watch and try to respond to everything Grange was doing. We tried to show flare when basics were called for. We didn’t use our first options when team mates were in the right spots to be used and our decision making was poor and consisted of panic disposal. Not a good quarter and one I know they regretted and half time came at the right time. I am sure the players knew what was coming at the break so I didn’t disappoint them.
What was pleasing for the coaches and I hope the parents and supporters, was the response the players gave after the break. We made some changes, which is a credit to the players who have that versatility in their genre, and we demanded more effort and leadership from our senior players, more body commitment from everyone and we needed the work ethic we have tried so hard to instill in all our players.
The second half was mostly all Redcliffe as we held Grange scoreless in the third quarter and we kicked 4 goals 9 ourselves. The game became ours to win or lose depending on the effort to be given in the last quarter. I am pleased to say the work rate and commitment continued throughout the last quarter and with some accurate kicking we could have made the scoreboard look even better. We finished the night 31 point winners after kicking 5 goal 14 in the second half while holding Grange to just 1 goal 2 after the long break.
Mentions must go to Ricker, Dickfos, Boyle, Dawson and Hanning who lead the way for the majority of the game. Each week we assess the improvement of players from an individual basis as well and for that reason mentions must also go to the smallest player on the ground in Mark Lynne who lifted his game after half time and showed that if you work hard enough to get to the right spots the ball will come your way and he was terrific. As was Jordy, Bondy, Thommo and Davey Roberts who all seem to be getting more confident and use to the intensity and pace of the game at this level. All players can say that after half time they all turned into contributors and turned their games around, which is why we were able to do what we did. Well done boys.
Once again thanks to Sal, Mick and Storm for your help and guidance of our team and to all of our volunteers who persisted through the weather and got the jobs done.
We play our next fixture at home for the first time this year on Sunday the 22nd of April at 3pm against Coorparoo, so I look forward to seeing you all there cheering the boys as we endeavor to improve from our last outing.
Words of Wisdom
“Each warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on the important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute. In every contest, there comes a moment that separates winning from losing. The true warrior understands and seizes that moment by giving an effort so intense and so intuitive that it could only be called on from the heart.” – Pat Riley
Rob Dickfos

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Under 16's Match Report

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