Under 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match Report

Under 16's Match Report

By , 2 April 2012

Under 16's Match Report
Under 16's Match Report

Match Results, Game Events and Words of Wisdom

Under 16's Match Report

Round 1 McDonalds Cup Vs Aspley 30/3/2012 at Aspley
B             Morris-Wilson   Sands                    Mook
HB          Bond                     Menheere          Dickfos
C             Boyle                     Dawson                                Patching
HF          Watson                                Cester                   Hanning
FF           Baker                    Thompson          Lynne
R             Roberts                                Crispe                   Ricker
Int.         Statnickas, Hoffman, Marriott, Connaughton
Score:Aspley      13           10           88 vs     Redcliffe              3              9              27
Goals: Roberts 1, Hanning 1, Watson 1.
Best: Thompson, Cester, Crispe, Hanning , Watson, Boyle, Sands, Dawson, Dickfos.
When you look at our club and know where we have come from, you can’t help but be proud. We have had a group of players that have done it tough for over 5 years now and could easily have gone to better clubs and walked into any div 1 side. However I honestly believe they wouldn’t have grown to be the boys they are now. There are clubs out there that really understand and have lived the same thing and continue to understand what I mean but most have no idea.
Since November the majority of this team have worked tirelessly towards preparing themselves to compete against the best players of this age group in south east Queensland. After countless training sessions and numerous hours of running, suffering and sweating during their preseason program, the Redcliffe Tigers under 16’s began their McDonalds Cup campaign for 2012 with an away night game against local rival club Aspley.
The end result is meaningless to me in the whole scheme of things when I don’t base our season on win loss records or finals appearance and Grand Final wins. To dissect our squad and put it in perspective for some of you, we have nine players who have played div 1 16’s before and 15 who are experiencing it for the very first time. Six of those players are new to our club and 9 of our players are from last year’s div 3 14’s.
So this year will be no different to any other when we will have to reconstruct a div 1 team from scratch that will be competitive and learn to play as a unit.
Taking that into consideration, if you now look at our performance against Aspley, who has 3 under 16’s team’s and a group of players that have played div 1 football for years our task is always more difficult to compete but never impossible.
With the exception of a 15 minute stretch during the 3rd quarter the Aspley football club new they were in a game of football. Our plans were simple keep going at them and force mistakes and utilize each other and work hard. My aim is to ensure by the end of the season the boys have created a good work ethic and a better sense of how to play the game at a higher level and under intense pressure. As they would have seen, even the best sides panic and fumble under pressure.
We haven’t had game plans or structure that we can implement until the boys get a better knowledge of the game and of course until the body is trained to compete and we are getting there.
I was able to walk away with so many positives from the game; I am excited for all of the players and their development. Some very notable mentions though, performance wise, were Hayden Thompson one of our first gamers who made the move from Narangba along with Dave Roberts, and both combined well to lead our rucking division while changing from full forward. Tylor Cester who began at CHF covered so much ground, I think he ended up running a half marathon by the end of it which is testament to the work he has done over the preseason. Ty was our Jonathon Brown and was terrific, along with Zac Crispe, Josh Hanning, Dean Boyle and Tom Watson who all did what was expected. Add to that the work ethic of Jacko, Dawson and Sandsy and yes we have a group who are more than capable.
Last night before the game we also took the opportunity to announce our leadership group for 2012. Jackson Dickfos, Liam Dawson, Tom Watson, Zac Crispe, Josh Hanning, Trent Ricker and Tylor Cester have accepted responsibility of our side and the development of those that will follow them into battle each week. Assistant coaches Storm, Mick and myself are very pleased to have appointed this group and are very confident that they will prove themselves to be worthy of such a position.
There is still so much to work on and for those of you who saw our game, I hope you were satisfied that the boys are worth the effort and your support is vital to our success, so every training session and minute together is necessary for us to improve sooner rather than later.
Thank you to Mick and Storm for all their help with the boys and a big thank you to all of those parents who volunteered to help and do other jobs last night that enabled us to play. Thanks to Sally our manager for doing all she does, which is mostly in the background. It is important that Sally is given all the support she needs and I am asking parents to please come to her each week asking to help. The team needs Sal to be able to focus on their preparation and I really need to ensure that she is able to do that without having to walk the ground surroundings looking for parents to help. I have asked her to do a roster so everyone gets the chance to be involved so I ask you to please support her when it is your turn to do.
Our next game is against Wilston Grange at Wilston Grange on Friday the 13th of April at 7.30pm. Please read your calendar for all training details.
Each weekly summary will include quotes and words of wisdom which I have accumulated/found over time from famous people and unknowns and will share with you. Hope you enjoy them as well.
Words of Wisdom          
Most kids 15/16 years of age want flexibility and freedom from mum and dad to do whatever they want, yet when it comes to teaching values and principles we are reluctant to push or preach there importance. We allow our kids to take an easy option because it is easy or quit when it gets tough or too hard. We allow them not to follow through with a commitment they have made and we have allowed them to think it is okay for your word or handshake to mean nothing. If we are to prepare them for their future in life, it is okay for your kids to do it tough and have to struggle every now and then, so long as they know you are there to help pick them up each time they fall. If they have been protected through their youth and not shown that values and principles have importance in life, then life will not be all it could be………..
Rob Dickfos


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Under 16's Match Report

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Under 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match ReportUnder 16's Match Report