U16's Meet Redlands at their Best

By , 30 July 2012

U16's Meet Redlands at their Best
U16's Meet Redlands at their Best

Tigers produce best half of football all year

David Roberts earns high praise from coaches

U16's Meet Redlands at their Best




U16's Division One

McDonald's Cup


Redcliffe 4.9.33 def by Redlands 18.4.122

Goals: Dickfos 2, Roberts 1, Watson 1

Best: Roberts, Dickfos, Ricker, Cester, Watson, Anderson, Morris-Wilson, Crispe.


It seems my report will be very much the same as last week with the under 16’s experiencing the same result as last week after the game was played in pretty much the same manner.

We once again played a game of two completely different halves. I was so pleased at half time after what I believe was our best half of football all year. I could tell the boys had prepared well and were focused on making the most of the fine conditions. We worked hard, we attacked the ball with aggression and competed with a commitment that I was proud of and even though we were still a goal down at quarter time, it was the effort that was pleasing. We did have the opportunity to apply scoreboard pressure but were unable to make the most of our chances and in the end that cost us and scoreboard pressure is so important at this level.

The long break normally would give us a chance to reiterate the roles players had and the chance to rest and reassess our status and what else we could do better. I do know that eventually the game would be determined by the work rate and involvement of our less experienced players, mainly because our better players use up so much energy and effort holding us together in the first half.

I was really disappointed with the lack of control of a couple of the boys and even though the umpiring was questionable at times it is no excuse for you to put your own frustrations first ahead of the team’s performance and goals because all you did was cost us opportunities and ruined your own performance.

Once again the drop in ability and game knowledge let us down, but while saying that, we acknowledge that this will always be the case while going through development of younger players. We are still able to find positives in certain areas, which show our efforts are not wasted and that the time put into all of our players has benefitted them in some way. The other thing is if one hurts then we all hurt. We all feel the frustration, as I am sure the parents do but the players are the ones for who feel it the most. The disappointment is hard, the impatience is even harder but it is during those times that the camaraderie is what helps get you through and we have plenty of that here at the Tigers.

Aside from all of that we were beaten by a better side who displayed a brand of football that was the best played against us for the year to date. As always it was played in great spirit and between two sides who were focused on playing hard tough relentless footy and Redlands did it for a lot longer than us.

A truly enormous effort by David Roberts earned the highest of praise from the coaches this weekend along with Jacko, who surely tackled his way well into double figures today. Crispy was on one leg, as was Tylor and both were mentally tough to be able to contribute the way they did, Trent Ricker who tried so hard to build that stone wall across half back along with Sandsy, was fantastic, as was Tom Watson who took as many contested marks today than anyone has all year. Bondy, Will and Patcho continue to show that they are not out of place in this comp and if we can build a bigger tank in to all of them it will enable them to be involved in more contests and not fade in and out of the game. Corey, Dyl and Marky are showing that their skills have improved with cleaner possession both by hand and foot. If we can work on it happening at pace then it makes them more dangerous. Ando was getting better the more the game went on and it was also a credit to Haydos to even try to play after getting out of a sick bed to contribute to the team. That is commitment at its best and I love that players are prepared to put the team ahead of themselves. It didn’t go un noticed.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped out today and if I can continue to ask that parents who have been allocated jobs to do, that you please come to Sally on time rather than have her try to find you because she does have so much to do before a game for the team, that chasing and waiting also disrupts her routine and that disrupts mine and the players routine.

Thank you to our supporters for the noise on the other side of the fence, we love hearing your passion. We look forward to hearing it a Redcliffe next Sunday when we take on Sherwood in our last home game for the season at 10.30am.

Words of Wisdom

There are times in everyone’s lives when actions speak louder than words. If you stop and realize the effect it will have on not only yourself, but those around you, then your character will have been shown for all to see.

Rob Dickfos


Next Sunday: 5th Aug 2012

Redcliffe vs Sherwood

10:30 AM at Home




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U16's Meet Redlands at their Best

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