U16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match Report

U16's Match Report

By , 24 July 2011

U16's Match Report
U16's Match Report

Redcliffe vs Wilston Grange

U16's Move Into 3rd Spot

U16's Match Report




Score: Redcliffe 6 13 49 vs Wilston Grange 6 5 41

Goals: T. Cester 1, Dickfos 1, Ely 1, Pittle 1, O’Shea 1, Ricker 1.

Best: Pittle, Johnson, Barker, Furness, Watson, Stilgoe, Ricker, Maher.

Today gave us the very first opportunity to play against a side that beat us the last time we played which just happened to be only the week before the holidays so it was still fresh in our minds. For the second time in as many weeks we also relied on the willingness and desire of a handful of 14’s who showed that playing a part in our side excites them enough to volunteer with an enthusiasm we sometimes lack, and that makes me proud to know them.

Ryan, Lachy, Willie and Ethan not only played key roles in their own team’s victory at Redcliffe, they then ventured to Wilston Grange to play a part in our own bit of history. While there game time today was even less than last week, their presence was invaluable to us. Thanks again to Jerry and his team and to the parents who have once again allowed it to happen. I hope today showed you what can be achieved with total commitment, discipline and against all odds persistence.

Unbeknown to most players and people around us, we had some motivation for today. Over the last couple of weeks nothing has fallen our way and the lack of toughness and inability of some people to finish the season they had started became too much to commit to and so their nature was to give in it’s too hard. It appears the true meaning of team is not one they are familiar with. Today we were playing a team of who a couple of players had a bit to say to us after they beat us the first time. So I kept that in the memory bank for moments like today. During our pre match speech we battled to be overheard while listening to some punk rock crap band blasting music from the Grange club house through the walls while we prepared. As you can imagine I was on edge just a little but my message to the boys was clear. Questions had been asked of us over all this time and the best and only way to answer all of those influences was to provide the crowd with an uncompromising, body committing discipline effort for four quarters.

Without going through this game quarter by quarter, because the four quarters were all played with the same tough hard commitment from all those on the team sheet, this by far was the most satisfying win I have had this year to date. Each break we had was spent reminding the boys of what we stand for and that if anyone was going to beat us today then they would need to force their bodies to suffer as we were prepared to do. When we needed to, we found something. At pivotal moments in the game we found something. When desperation was required we found something. You needed to be there to watch it unfold, it was beautiful.

While I am reluctant to ever comment on the men in the middle, I must say I hope they have a real good assessment of their own game because today was the poorest performance I have witnessed by those in orange. There performance made the game even more intense but it is the thought that their inability to control the game at any stage and protect the players when required was a major concern that I will pass on to those in charge.

I was so proud of the boys and their full blooded attack on the game in all aspects. The spirit of this side and more so to the list of players who continue to stand strong and defiant was in full view of those privileged to see the game. I must admit, to be a part of today for me was as special as it gets because today we learnt how to turn things around us into motivational reasons to perform and perform we did. Well done everyone.

Thanks to Mick and Daryl once again for your support and commitment to the team. We also thank again Jo and Glen who venture away on holidays for the next month and we wish them a safe and happy journey until they return. Thank you to Sally Watson who has volunteered to take over as our manager while Jo is away. Please support her in any way you can. Thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters as there is no crowd better than those who stand behind the Redcliffe Tigers under 16’s.

Just a reminder that next Saturday at 10.40am at the club is our team photos. We need to be in our football gear, black shorts, jumper’s socks and boots. Then at our last home game of the year on Sunday at 12pm against Coorparoo.

See you all there.

Rob Dickfos

Ladder After Round 13

POS   TEAM P W L D B FF For Agst % PTS
1   Morningside 13 12 0 0 1 0 925 251 368.53 52
2   Sandgate 13 10 2 0 1 0 895 345 259.42 44
3 Redcliffe 13 7 5 0 1 0 777 676 114.94 32
4   Mt Gravatt 13 5 5 0 2 1 615 600 102.50 32
5   Aspley 13 6 5 0 2 0 564 560 100.71 32
6   Redland 13 7 5 0 1 0 642 735 87.35 32
7   Jindalee 13 6 6 0 1 0 750 689 108.85 28
8   Wilston Grange 13 5 7 0 1 0 619 669 92.53 24
9   Calamvale 13 3 9 0 1 0 539 978 55.11 16
10   Coorparoo 13 2 10 0 1 0 521 877 59.41 12
11   Sherwood 13 1 11 0 1 0 521 988 52.73 8

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U16's Match Report

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U16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match ReportU16's Match Report