U16's - A Year In Review

By , 4 September 2014

U16's - A Year In Review
U16's - A Year In Review

By Co Coach Ricky Milligan

Bring On 2015...!!!!

U16's - A Year In Review









A year in review. Under 16’s

All great years eventually come to an end and unfortunately ours finished 1 week to early. In saying this I could not be more proud of our 16’s boys, they fought and gave everything they had all year. At the start of the year the junior team was not looking good with no coach and only half a football side it, looked like the year would be over before it started. One night after footy training had finished, Steve Jenkins the senior coach told the playing group that the 16’s were in urgent need of a coach and with no hesitation at all Adam and myself put our hands up to take on the role because these boys are the future of the Redcliffe Tigers football club.

The next day Jenks, Adam and myself met with the boys at training and announced to them that we were their new coaches. Not knowing any of them made it a challenge that we were both so excited about. We had no idea how old they were, what position they play, if they were left footed or right footed, what drills they had been doing during preseason but most importantly their names.

In saying this after the first session with them we gave the boys homework and asked them to write their names, what their hobbies are what their favourite position is, how long they have been playing for and so on. It didn’t take long to get to know the boys and before we knew it we knew all their names all their attributes and weaknesses but most importantly we knew we had a great bunch of kids on our hands.

2 weeks later and bang we are playing football in a practice match against Sandgate, new coaches, new players, new faces, new beginnings, new responsibilities and most importantly new mates. What we had set out to do was underway and it all started to sink in. We lost our first 2 games one being a practise match so it didn’t count but then we went on and won 11 in a row.

The more the year went on the better the boys got. They believed in themselves they loved playing together and they respected Adam and myself all year and that’s a credit to them. Unfortunately in the final’s we went out in straight sets both games under 10 points and like a lot people know we were a bit hard done by In the prelim final. But we can’t dwell on the past we can’t let it get us down all we can do is move on and take the pain of defeat into next year.

I could write a book about the whole year that’s how awesome it was but I’m not going to, everybody that came and watched our boys would realise the Redcliffe Tigers is safe and will be a successful football club for many years to come knowing these boys are coming through the ranks.

I would like to thank Ian Hotham for being our runner all year and not only for doing the hard yards but for teaching the boys along the way and also helping me and Adam with our new roles. Kathy, Peter, Brett Archer, John, Brett Prentice and all the parents that helped out and also just watched thankyou for showing your faith in Adam and mtself and I hope we have your blessing again next year. To all our boys Adam and Myself couldn’t be more proud of you we love you and we are so glad we took on this job. See you all in the preseason bring on 2015.


Under 16’s coach Ricky Milligan




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U16's - A Year In Review

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