U14's Match Report

By , 28 June 2011

U14's Match Report
U14's Match Report

Round 9

Everton vs Redcliffe

U14's Match Report




U14s Team Effort Leads To Hard Fought Win

Our week was focussed on working on our game plan and encouraging the boys to be consistent with their efforts. The boys worked well at training and were committed to showing they were up to meeting our expectations. Our focus before the game was to work together and make sure we play the game to our best ability.

Our first quarter didn’t start great for us, it took time for the boys to pick up on a couple of plays our opponents were using and before we knew it they had a couple of goals on the board. To see this happening was not what we hoped for but with a couple of quick changes we began to get some clearances. Our forwards became involved and the backline tightened up. The boys fought back to be within a goal at quarter time.

The break allowed us to make the boys aware of a few things they hadn’t picked up on but we also wanted to encourage them for the way they fought back. We made a couple of positional changes to mix things up a bit and we let the boys know that when they all played their role we played good footy as a TEAM.

The second quarter showed the character our boys do have. Curti, Conner, Ryan and Lauchy began to get more involved. The backline was stopping any attacking moves our opponents tried and our forward line began to make the most of their opportunities. Marcus Lundsgard moving to the forward line for a short time created contests for our “crumbers” to feed off of so the footy was continually being sent deep into our forward line where it was good to see Braidyn get involved to finish of well with 2 goals for the quarter. The TEAM finished the quarter well and with the backline working hard we went into half time with a 16 point lead. The most pleasing part was all over the ground the boys were playing their own roles and importantly they were playing as a TEAM.

The main break was all about understanding the game was not over and we must play 4 quarters in each and every game. Be sure you all work hard so you will all be able to look at each other and know you have done your best. The boys were keen to not let the efforts drop.

Our opponents showed us in the 3 rd quarter they were not going to let us run away with the game. This was a great quarter of footy with both teams giving their all. Our backline were doing their best, Bondie was working hard, Jack was throwing himself at everything whilst Marcus Lundsgard, who had gone back to the back line, kept competing and frustrating his opponent. We also had Dylan and Shaun rotating in the back line doing a great job working with Riley and Jordy. Marcus Lewis got involved and finished off with 2 goals for the quarter which again showed we can bring players into the TEAM knowing they will play a role which benefits us. Mitcha, Corey, Braidyn, Nick and Ethan were all working hard to create opportunities and putting plenty of pressure on their opponents. Sam was again showing his courage to get in for the footy and his ability to create attacking moves is a huge benefit for the TEAM. All players were having an input. Spinksie and I were rapt to see all their efforts. Blake’s effort by battling against 3 opponents and stopping them from taking the ball away typified the work the boys were prepared to do for each other. After being ill most of the week Marky was doing plenty of the one percenter’s we talk about and he applied plenty of pressure by running to man up or to create attacking options.

The last break came with us holding an 11 point lead. I felt the boys seemed to be disappointed with themselves but from my point of view they didn’t need to be. I let them know they could finish the game off well if they continued to work. I highlighted a few of the individual efforts that should inspire the group and encouraged the boys to believe in themselves and give it their all.

The last quarter was again a good battle although both sides were tiring. Our backline kept on pushing themselves and did everything they could to stop any attacking moves from Everton. Billy was again taking marks in our forward line and any he missed we had players there to gather the footy. The TEAM outscored Everton and finished with an 18 point win. This was a win we should all be very happy with. We have always struggled at that ground, our opponents were in very good form having won their previous four games easily and very importantly we continue to improve as a TEAM with all players prepared to work hard together to achieve the best results possible.

Congratulations to the award winners and thank you our TEAM helpers.

We go into the break in a good position and well done to ALL of the boys BUT please remember the efforts from everyone must continue to improve. Be happy with what we have done so far but don’t be satisfied because the potential is there to achieve and enjoy a lot more with this TEAM.

Enjoy the break, please look after yourselves and see you all at our next training session on Monday 4th July.


Round 9

8:30 AM
Sun 26/Jun
5.8-38   Morningside Red def. by Logan Cobras   6.3-39 Morningside
9:00 AM
Sun 26/Jun
3.1-19   Kenmore/Sherwood def. by Aspley Brown   11.15-81 Kenmore
10:30 AM
Sun 26/Jun
11.12-78   Beenleigh def. Calamvale   7.3-45 Beenleigh
10:30 AM
Sun 26/Jun
10.2-62   Everton def. by Redcliffe   12.8-80 Everton - Enoggera


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U14's Match Report

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