Tigers Outclassed by Roosters

By , 9 July 2015

Tigers Outclassed by Roosters
Tigers Outclassed by Roosters

Great start for both grades, but downhill after halftime

Tigers chance to Redeem this Saturday at Home against SE Suns

Tigers Outclassed by Roosters



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        One Minute Silence for Phil Walsh



Tigers Outclassed by Griffith/Morooka



1st Quarter

In perfect conditions for football the Tigers ventured over to Moorooka to take on the ladder leaders. The first 10 minutes the Tigers were on point defensively and the tackle and smother count was quickly racking up. We had our share of the ball and 3 points could have just as easily been 3 goals from set shots and the first quarter may have looked a lot different. Moorooka's slick ball movement was proving costly for our defence and they managed to bang on 5 goals and we knew we had our work cut out for us.


2nd Quarter

Kicking towards what proved to be the goal scoring end we continued to work hard to drive the ball forward. However as we were moving the ball in more of a curved angle to try and find the holes in their defence they were managing to travel in straight lines through the middle and up the wings. With our backline structure being tested constantly. Their scoreline in the 2nd quarter of 4.6 proved that we were stemming the flow and making them work hard for their shots on goal and forcing a very accurate forward line to kick 6 behinds. 2 goals straight to us was much needed and not through lack of effort from the Tigers.


3rd Quarter

As mentioned with Moorooka now kicking to the scoring end they managed to find the overlap runners everywhere playing their home ground much to their advantage. You could sense our guys becoming frustrated with Moorooka's ability to find space through sharing of the football quickly. It was clear why they are the highest scoring team in the comp with multiple tall targets down forward and kicking 10.6 for the quarter really blew the game open for them.


4th Quarter

At the last huddle we spoke about digging deep and taking pride in the black and yellow jumper we wear each week. The last quarter though the game was gone was absolutely our best. We ran, chased and moved the football around much more efficiently than the first 3 quarters and as a result we kept them to 3.6 and we managed to kick 2.5. It was pleasing to see the team respond and not let the game blow out any more. A best on ground performance from Dan Rolls who was everywhere on the ground and didn’t stop for all 4 quarters. Also Jye Davis and Seth Lauze gave it their all across the backline against much taller opposition. Aaron Richardson always puts in his best efforts and let’s his footy do the talking in another solid performance. We pulled Scott Ward up to play the Centre role and was calculated in his decision making and Dave McInnes battled hard to get in the best players also.


We still have an opportunity to get something out of the next 6 games and make something of our season. Next week onto South East Suns who are travelling very well also. Another test for us but another chance to prove ourselves.


Round Twelve

Saturday 4th July 2015

Griffith/Moorooka vs Redcliffe

at Moorooka



                       1st Qtr       2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr        Final Score

Grif/Moor       5.2.32          9.8.62      19.14.128       22.19.151

Redcliffe         0.3.3           2.3.15         2.4.16            4.9.33

Goals: Josh Bond 2, Dan Rolls 1, James Niven 1.

Best:  Dan Rolls, Jye Davis, James Niven, Aaron Richardson, Dave McInnes, Scott Ward, Seth Lauze.



                      1st Qtr       2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr        Final Score

Grif/Moor      2.1.13         4.4.28          7.6.48           9.9.63

Redcliffe       5.3.33         5.3.33          8.5.53           8.7.55

Goals: Lucas Cincotta 3, Jason Apps 1, Brett Lingius 1, Craig Bickerton 1, Shaun Dowell 1, Brandan Nowakowski 1.

Best: Shaun Dowell, Craig Bickerton, Craig Carman, Christian Wilson, Shaun Smith, Lucas Cincotta.


This Saturday

Round 13

Redcliffe vs Southeast Suns

at Rothwell Park


Seniors from 2:00PM

Reserves from 11:45AM






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Tigers Outclassed by Roosters

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