Tigers Go Down In Nail Biter

By , 4 June 2015

Tigers Go Down In Nail Biter
Tigers Go Down In Nail Biter

Huge crowd turn up to celebrate Wardy's 200th

Tigers Go Down In Nail Biter








Tigers Go Down in Nail Biter


With a hard fought day at the office the boys threw the kitchen sink at it only to go down by a point with the last kick of the day, a goal to Carrara’s big full forward.

Credit to the tigers kicking their straightest score line for the year with 13.10 to their 13.11. It was a shootout between the 2 full forwards from both teams with Josh Bond bagging 7 goals for us to their FF kicking the same, also with Kingo (Kingdon) jagging 3 much needed goals at important stages.

The tigers backs and mids worked tirelessly to keep pumping the ball forward with Dan Rolls standing tall time and time again, under him with Cooky and Niv managing to get some much needed clearances out the middle and getting to the contests to provide support. The Backmen always have a tough job to do but with the opposition’s quality forward line delivery there was added pressure that the boys resisted all day. Seth Lauze and Springer were reading the play exceptionally giving us plenty of rebound and setting up a lot of good run. Pete Furness was back to his best playing his best game for the year using the footy each time he got a possession.   Lachie Soutter as ususal, head over the footy, straight lines, very solid down back getting heaps of footy. George Armagos and Tyler Hayes applying great pressure on the opposition and lifting the eyes looking to hold possession to fellow team mates.  Tyson Brown, our running man either down back or on the wing was pushing hard to create space and get the ball moving as was Marcus Gregory working up and down the wing with a goal of his own and some great forward line delivery. Skipper Ben Foley was rock solid once more at ground level and in the air, darting in and out with the footy tucked under his arm. Connor Cronin and Aiden Miller 2 of our inclusions into this weeks team were getting boot to ball and first use setting up some good plays. Billy Beatty in a best on performance was a focal point for us across half forward and Dave McInnes with Brendan LeMescam showing their strength and was evident in the one-one-contests moving the ball from half forward into our goal line on numerous occasions. We had Steve Helliwell getting lots of touch at ground level and showing his footy smarts outplaying his opponents. Arron “Cho” Richardson was everywhere in his return game from working away and gave 4 quarters of solid football! In yet another tough job at hand Sauce (Lee) played the shut down role as good as any and getting himself in the best players brigade.  


Lads training is a must from this point forward, we are building and getting better and better, gotta keep working!



Round Eight

Saturday 30th May 2015

Redcliffe vs Carrara

at Rothwell  Park



                     1st Qtr       2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr        Final Score

Redcliffe      4.1.25         6.3.39         10.6.66         13.10.88

Carrara        3.6.24         6.7.43         11.10.76       13.11.89

Goals: Josh Bond 7, Aaron Kingdon 3, Steve Helliwell 1, Marcus Gregory 1, Brendan Le Mescam 1, 

Best:  Billy Beatty, Josh Bond, Pete Furness, David Cook, Damian Lee, James Niven.



                      1st Qtr       2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr        Final Score

Redcliffe        1.3.9          2.5.17         3.9.27           6.12.48

Carrara          2.1.13        4.6.30         7.7.49           10.8.68

Goals: Andrew Kouvaras 2, Scott Ward 1, Zeth Gibson 1, Steve Parkes 1.

Best: Andrew Kouvaras, John Soccio, Matt Hendry, Craig Carman, Josiah Dantel, Christian Wilson. 


Competition Bye this weekend (6th June 2015)


Round 9

Saturday 13th June 2015

Redcliffe - BYE


Round 10

Saturday 20th June 2015

'HUGE DAY at the Club'

Redcliffe vs Beenleigh

at Rothwell Park


Congratulations to Scott Ward on 200 Club Games







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Tigers Go Down In Nail Biter

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