Round 8

25 June 2009

Round 8

Redcliffe 2.4.16 def by Redlands 6.11.47

Best Players: Villot, Dickfos, Pyke, Cester, Crispe

Round 8


Slippery muddy conditions, a team on top of the ladder and undefeated and no other games before or after to add atmosphere to the day. That was the setting we had to face and perform in.

Our team consists of players half the size of most of our opposition but in heart they weren't even close to the size that some of our boys wear under their Guernsey. We knew that today was a chance to show that regardless of who we play we will compete and can compete. We will keep getting up dusting off and keep coming at our opposition.

Although Redlands used the ball cleaner and they were smarter with their overall system of play. The 14's continued to have a go and place relentless pressure on them and at times forced mistake after mistake which created opportunities for us. However our inability to keep control of the ball mixed with the times we over ran the ball created too many chances inside their forward line and our backline must now understand the importance of not overrunning it.

Up until half time we had worked so hard and to be only a goal down at the long break was testament to the effort of the whole team. With a few less errors and focus on positioning around the ground we could have been even
closer if not in front. Needless to say that that was the same in the second half and our lack of footy smarts and ability let us down. Against the better sides it costs you and it did especially late in the game.

While I was pleased with the majority of players' commitment it must be said that at times players don't always show the desire to compete or the courage to work hard and that also creates opportunities for the opposition and frustration for their team mates. However this is a learning stage for those players as well and is something that is a part of every team and we can only continue to teach them to persevere. 

It was great to have our skipper Trent back and playing because his presence is invaluable for the team but stand in skipper Jake Villot once again proved he is the fiercest competitor in this competition. Jake has lead the side well and continues to compete with a hardness I can only hope his teammates will one day copy. Jacko, Tylor, Rosie and Crispy can also be happy with their 4 quarter effort and while the scoreboard wasn't complementary overall I was very happy with the courage we showed today. Our
ability let us down not our commitment or our courage. Well done team but I want more.

Thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters and thanks to Corbin for running the messages on this weekend of the 16's bye.
See you next week when we take on Logan at Logan.

Rob Dickfos

U14's Coach


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