Round 15

14 August 2009

Round 15

 Redcliffe 11.16.82 Defeated Everton 3.7.25

Best Players: Villot, Dawson, Pittle, Driftman, Martin, Sands

Round 15


We ventured to Everton to play them for the first time this year. Since our last training session of the week on Thursday we asked the players to once again accept some challenges as part of the preparation of the game. We were playing at the dew kicking time of 9.30am on a Sunday morning and as a lot of us know to get the body moving at that time is difficult.

I asked the players to get to bed early and be up at 6.00am to start the body moving and on top of that be at the ground an hour and a half before at 8.00am. We then commenced our warm up in our club uniform walking briskly around the square to ensure we would not start sluggish. The players responded well and although it didn’t show on the scoreboard we had our share of chances but only scored 6 behinds to Everton’s 2 behinds. It was our poor choice making that let us down.

Persistence was a key and a reminder to continue to work and follow the team rules meant sooner or later we would start the scoreboard ticking over through sheer weight of numbers and committed effort. Shuffling the team around and place the evergreen Liam Dawson up forward as a high marking target was always going to make it difficult for Everton to cover. They were already struggling to hold back Pittle and our small brigade.

We managed to hold Everton goalless for the first half and have 4 goals on the board through Liam 1, Pittle with 2 and Jacob 1. This was after some great work on ball by Rosie, Jakey V and Driffo.

The Second half we continued to work as did Everton but we proved to be to strong in most areas especially in the tackling department. We kicked another 2 majors in the 3rd quarter to Everton’s 2 and another 4 goals in the last quarter to Evertons 1 to run out easy winners by 57points.

What is pleasing about this result is we still had a number of players play who have been extremely unwell but were reluctant to give up there spot in the team. As it was we still played one player short.

Great performances by Villot, Dawson, Pittle, Driftman, Martin and Sands who were all on top of their opponents and some great team work at times from Jacob and AJ who had us looking very dangerous when the ball was on the ground up forward.

We come to our last game of the year and only two training sessions left to prepare for it. We set ourselves a goal to win our last game and as many as we can from the last 6. We have won 4 from our last 5 and with one more win to achieve this year we need to make sure we do what we said we were going to do by training hard and continuing with the momentum we have built.

The only thing standing in our way is Alexandra Hills at Redcliffe on Sunday the 16th of August at 12.30pm. Please encourage the players to take into account all that they have learnt, and commit themselves for one more week and weekend. We have been together since January and come so far and achieved so much that it would be shame not to finish the year as we hoped. We had a group of kids unsure of their capabilities but prepared to have a go anyway. What heights could they reach we didn’t know as they hadn’t been pushed hard enough yet. They are only under 14’s and most actually under 13’s.

This will be our final.

See you during the week and on the weekend.

Please ensure we get our money to Jodie for next week’s BBQ and also players a reminder to get in early for the Presentation day tickets because it is getting bigger each year and people will miss out if they do no book as our venue only holds so many.

Thanks for the effort everyone.

Rob Dickfos


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