Round 11

19 July 2009

Round 11

Redcliffe 14.15.99 def Beenleigh 3.5.23

Best Players: Dawson, Crispe, Dickfos, Ely, Pittle, Furness

Round 11


A beautiful day at Beenleigh to play against the number three team on the ladder and a big ground, is what welcomed us on Sunday the 12th of July. We had had a long break from training over the holidays and it would be interesting to see who had regained their enthusiasm to play.

We presented our team with a more definite game plan and a threat to drag anyone who doesn’t abide by the team rules. Luck was a fortune for some and we were able to field close to our strongest available side for the first time this year.

Plan was simple, play on at all costs and use your team mate every time they ran past for a handball. This enabled us to move the ball quicker and players up field were instructed to position themselves to the advantage of the ball carrier and not what suited themselves. We also played some players in different roles which could have gone either way for us.

From the first ruck contest easily won by Liam, the players followed instructions to the letter and virtually had the game under control at quarter time with a 4 goals lead. The ease at which we were able to dictate the game and its speed was unbelievable and it appeared today was going to be our day and we, as a team, would finally show our true potential.

It was the most enjoyable game to watch when all that you teach is actually implemented and even the players coming on and off the bench continued the momentum with an enthusiastic and committed attitude.

I will not individualize any of the players performances but sum it up as a great team performance. Players must now realize that success comes with total input from all and a proper commitment can make all the difference.

I have since spent time with the players to point out individual truths, requirements and expectations for the remainder of the year and hope that everyone understands the importance of these things if players are to continue with footy in future years but also become the proper team players that we require and give them every chance of maximizing game time and opportunities.

Thanks to all of our volunteer helpers again and to our supporters.

Special mention to Braeden Cester and Corbin Dickfos who bother suffered injuries in the 16’s that could have possibly ended both seasons. Only time will tell. Get well soon boys for your own sake and that of your families.

Thanks all.


Rob Dickfos

PS. please note this weekends game has been changed and is now at 11.30am at Sherwood and not at as first indicated.


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