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under 12's grading game 2

By , 31 March 2010

                                U12s Defeated But Not Disgraced.


Prior to the game the coaches kept to the theme of IF you want the ball more than the opposition and you are prepared to work hard, then we will match it against any side. We also focused on that the concentration level had to be improved by some of the TEAM members.

As the Coaches walked across the ground we were amazed at the size of a few of the opposition players. How great it would be having three players in Under 12s that are 5 foot 10 and solid lads as well??

Right from the start you could see the Everton team were well skilled and keen to match us at the contests. We were finding it tuff going against some of the bigger bodies but to the boys credit they would not let them have an easy disposal and we were also helping each other around the contests. Some great tackling was shown by a couple of our lads and I was certainly encouraged by our efforts. These great efforts ensured the score was only a couple points the difference at quarter time.

We made some changes at the break to give some other players an opportunity. The coaches encouraged the boys to continue with the pressure, tackling and supporting each other. We also reminded the players coming on to the ground to keep their concentration and to work as hard as the players they were replacing.

The second quarter was unfortunately a total opposite of the first. With the exception of a few, our effort at the footy and at the opponent when they had the footy was not acceptable. We allowed too many easy opportunities to Everton and as all good teams do they took full advantage and ran away from us. We should be thankfull to a couple of our back line players who did work as hard as they could to support 1 or 2 of our running players but we just didn’t have enough who really wanted the footy.

Half time couldn’t come quick enough. The boys had to have a good look at themselves and think about what they needed to do to get back in the game.

We decided to make some changes and give the players the opportunity to show us what they can do and to show that they want to be part of our TEAM.

Our third quarter effort was better and we had a few more players showing they could get their hands on the footy. It still wasn’t enough and no matter how hard our players tried we couldn’t get a score on the board. Our defense was working better as a group and kept out a lot more than they let by.

At the last break we decided to rest a couple of key players and again give opportunities for others to show us they are up to following TEAM structures, they can concentrate on the role they have been given and our TEAM work ethic. 

From the last quarter we learnt,

1/ How important it is to have the experienced key members of our TEAM on the ground and in the positions they can lead by example and show the way for their TEAMMATES to follow.

2/ That we have a lot of potential to work with and IF we work hard enough that potential will lead to some great times for our TEAM.

3/ That concentration and effort is required for the whole game.

Overall our game as a TEAM effort was not great but we did have some players who showed signs of what they can do.

See you all at training.

Jerry Field


Round 15

14 August 2009

                   1st Qtr     2nd Qtr       3rd Qtr      Final Score
Calamvale    1-0-6        4-2-26         6-5-41          8-6-54
Redcliffe      2-2-14      3-2-20         5-3-33          6-6-42
Goal Kickers: Josh Patching 3, Dan Maher 1, Declan Watson 1, Mark Lynne 1
Best Players: Curtis Nicholson, Brodie Mizzi, Connor Bloss, Josh Patching


Round 14

6 August 2009

               1st Qtr   2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr     Final Score

Mayne      1.1.7      2.1.13     3.5.23         4.5.29

Redcliffe  4.6.30    6.9.45     6.10.46       8.13.61

Goal Kickers:  Josh Patching 5, Declan Watson 2, Mark Lynne 1.

Best Players: Ryan O'Shea, Ethan Cole, Mitchel Bramwell, Lachlan Baynes, Josh Patching.


Round 13

6 August 2009

Redcliffe 4.2.26 def by Kenmore 6.8.44

Goal Kickers: Jack Roney 3, Josh Patching 1.

Best Players: Jack Roney, Brodie Mizzi, Ryan O’Shea, Lachlan Baynes, Billy Bryant, Connor Bloss.


Round 12

21 July 2009

                    1st Qtr       2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr     Final Score
 Aspley          4-3-27       5-3-33        6-4-40        7-4-46 
Redcliffe      0-0-00         1-3-9         3-5-23        6-8-44  

Goal Kickers: Brodie Mizzi 2, Declan Watson 1, Braidyn Field 1, Billy Bryant 1, Mitchel Bramwell 1.

Best Players: Ryan O'Shea, Brodie Mizzi, Declan Watson, Lachlan Baynes, Curtis Nicholson.


Round 11

18 July 2009

                 1st Qtr    2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr      Final Score

Redcliffe    2-2-14      2-2-14       2-2-14         3-4-22 
Ipswich       1-1-7       3-1-19       4-2-26         5-3-33
Goal Kickers: Ryan O'shea 1,  Jordan Collicoat 1,  Mitchel Bramwell 1. 

Best Players: Kyle Walton, Brodie Mizzi, Lachlan Baynes, Ryan O'shea, Curtis Nicholson.


Round 10

25 June 2009

Redcliffe 5.7.37 def Springwood 4.7.31


Goal Kickers: Josh Patching 2, Mitchel Bramwell 1, Ryan O'Shea 1, Declan Watson 1. 


Best Players: Brodie Mizzi, Mitchel Bramwell, Josh Patching, Ryan O'Shea, Lachlan Baynes.


Round 9

25 June 2009

                  1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr   Final Score

Alex Hills     0.0.0       1.3.9        1.7.13      2.7.19

Redcliffe     4.2.26     5.6.36      8.7.55      10.8.68


Goal Kickers: Declan Watson 4, Jack Roney 2, Ryan O'Shea 1, Josh Hollindale 1, Ethan Cole 1, Billy Bryant 1.


Best Players: Dan Maher, Jack Roney, Billy Bryant, Declan Watson, Ryan O'Shea, Jade Emblow, Josh Patching.


Round 8

25 June 2009

Won by Forfeit against Calamvale

Round 7

25 June 2009

                 1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    Final Score

Redcliffe   1.3.9       2.5.17       5.5.35       6.6.42

Mayne       1.1.7       2.1.13       2.2.14       4.2.26 

Goal Kickers: Declan Watson 2, Jordan Collicoat 1, Bayden Hurst 1, Josh Patching 1, Billy Bryant 1. 

Best Players: Mitchel Bramwell, Billy Bryant, Declan Watson, Drodie Mizzi, Ryan O'Shea, Josh Patching.


Round 6

25 June 2009

Wash Out

Round 5

25 June 2009

                  1st Qtr      2nd Qtr      3rd Qtr     Final Score 

Redcliffe     2-1-13       3-1-19        3-2-20         3-2-20 
Aspley          1-0-6        3-2-20        3-4-22         4-6-30 

Goal Kickers: Declan Watson 1, Ethan Cole 1, Billy Bryant1 

Best Players:  Connor Bloss, Ethan Cole, Declan Watson, Curtis Nicholson, Josh Patching.


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