Reserves Results

Round 9: Redcliffe vs Ipswich

25 June 2009

                1st Qtr     2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr     Final Score

Redcliffe  2.3.15      3.6.24        3.8.26         3.10.28

Ipswich     0.2.2       3.3.21        4.5.29         4.7.31

Goals: Aaron Lawlor 2, Toby Southgate 1.

Best: Michael Kestle, Scott Wilkie, Peter Leijen, Aaron Lawlor, Jason Apps, Michael Campbell.


Round 7: Redcliffe vs Calamvale

25 June 2009

                  1st Qtr    2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr     Final Score

Redcliffe    4.2.26     8.5.53     11.8.74       13.13.91

Calamvale   0.1.1       1.1.7       1.4.10         2.7.19 

Goals: Aaron Lawlor 4, Scott Ward 3, Alexander Wagner, Luke Mayberry, Peter Leijen, Shaun O'Sullivan, Patrick Knight, Toby Southgate 1.

Best: Alexander Wagner, Aaron Lawlor, Scott Ward, Bradley Rhode, Jason Watson, Peter Leijen, Garry Spencer, Robert Arnfield.


Round 6: Strathpine vs Redcliffe

25 June 2009

                     1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    Final Score

Strathpine     1.0.6        2.0.12      4.3.27        5.4.34

Redcliffe      6.3.39     12.7.79    16.9.105    21.11.137 

Goals: Jason Apps 4, Robert Arnfield 4, Adrian Spinks 3, Corey Fulcher 3, Shaun Dowell 2, Craig Laycock 2, Aaron Spinks 1, Toby Southgate 1, Michael Alkin 1.

Best: Jason Apps, Shaun Dowell, Shaun O'Sullivan, Adrian Spinks, Aaron Spinks, Jason Watson, Peter Leijen, Nathan McKay.


Round 5: Logan vs Redcliffe

25 June 2009

                1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    Final Score

Logan        2.6.18    3.6.24       4.7.31      5.10.40

Redcliffe    0.3.3     3.5.23       3.7.25      5.10.40

Goals: Corey Fulcher 1, Daniel Sculthorpe 1, Nathan McKay 1, Robert Hicks 1, Ash Caddy 1.

Best: Peter Leijen, Rohan Thurgood, Craig Laycock, Nathan McKay, Ash Caddy, Mick Campbell, Robert Arnfield, Shaun O'Sullivan.


Round 4: Kedron vs Redcliffe

24 June 2009

               1st Qtr    2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr    Final Score

Kedron     2.1.13     4.4.28       6.6.42       9.8.62

Redcliffe  3.6.24     4.9.33       6.10.46     9.15.69

Goals: Rainer Ralph 3, Toby Southgate 3, Laurie Morrow 1, Scott Ward 1, Corey Fulcher 1.

Best: Mick Campbell, Nathan McKay, Scott Ward, Laurie Morrow, Rainer Ralph, Garry Spencer.


Round 3: Redcliffe vs Robina

23 June 2009

                 1st Qtr    2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr   Final Score

Redcliffe   4.1.25      7.2.44     9.2.56       11.6.72

Robina       5.2.32      7.3.45    12.5.78     12.8.80    

Goals: Clint Frusher 3, Brett Kern 2, Scott Ward 2, Jason Burgoyne 1, Shaun O'Sullivan 1, Jason Apps 1, Corey Fulcher 1.

Best: Brad Laycock, Jason Apps, Jason Burgoyne, Brett Kern, Craig Bickerton, Drew Argus, Laurie Morrow..


Round 2: Redcliffe vs UQ Redlions

22 June 2009

Wash Out

Rescheduled to

Saturday 15th August

Round 1: Redcliffe vs Beenleigh

21 June 2009

                    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr     Final Score

Redcliffe       4.0.24     6.0.36      7.2.44       9.7.61

Beenleigh      4.3.27     5.3.33      9.4.58       9.5.59    

Goals: Corey Fulcher 3, Scott Forbes 2, Jason Apps 2, Michael Campbell 1, Laurie Morrow 1

Best: Jason Burgoyne, Michael Campbell, Jason Apps, Scott Ward, Scott Wilkie, Michael Kestle,

2008 Results

08 Reserve Results




'08 LADDER   



Preliminary Final

Redcliffe "Bayview Hotel" Reserves


                   1st Qtr      2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr     Final Score

Redcliffe     1.1.7       1.5.11     3.5.23      4.16.40

Beenleigh   3.3.21      6.7.43     8.8.56     11.11.77

Goal: Aaron Hodnett, John Reeves, Robert Arnfield, Rainer Ralph 1.

Best: James Johnson, Craig Bickerton, Jason Burgoyne, John Reeves, Aaron Hodnett, Dave McCreadie. 


Congratulations to Aaron Hodnett on playing his 100th game for the Redcliffe Tigers. Aaron was one of the Tigers best players in their Preliminary Final clash against Beenleigh. 


Seniors Preliminary Final result:
Beenleigh 20.13.133 def Robina 10.9.69
The Redcliffe "Bayview Hotel" Reserves took on Beenleigh in the AFLQ State Association Div 2 Reserves Preliminary Final at Yeronga last Saturday.
The Tigers started well with 100 gamer, Aaron Hodnett kicking Redcliffe's first major for the day 6 minutes into the 1st quarter, but unfortunately that was to be the Tigers last score for the term as the Buffalo's started to run in numbers and kicked 3 unanswered goals for the quarter to hold a 15 point lead at the 1st break. The Tigers again started well with Ash Caddy and James Johnson combining well from the centre bounce which gave Dave McCreadie the opportunity to kick start the Tigers 2nd quarter with a goal, but unfortunately a point resulted. The next 15 minutes of footy was intense with only 7 behinds being scored, 3 to Redcliffe, 4 to Beenleigh, however as they did in the 1st quarter, Beenleigh finished the term with 3 unanswered goals to hold a handy 32 point lead going into the sheds at halftime. A massive spray from coach DJ Woodcroft to his troops during the halftime break showed that it may have done some good as the Tigers were far more competitive in the 3rd. Johnny Reeves kicked the first goal of the term to reduce the margin, however Beenleigh returned the favour a minute later. At the final break Beenleigh held a 33 point lead and the game looked beyond doubt, but the Tigers weren't going to give it up. Again Redcliffe won the first centre clearance and drove the ball forward, however a rushed behind was all that resulted. The Buffalos were able to run the ball from defence and capitalised with what was to be the game sealing goal. From there on the Tigers kept peppering the goals but just couldn't find the middle. Beenleigh proved to be the better side on the day winning 11.11.77 to the Tigers 4.16.40. James Johnson worked liked soldier all day across the midfield, while Craig Bickerton and Jason Burgoyne did their best to contain the Beenleigh forward line. Aaron Hodnett can hold his head high for putting in a solid performance in his 100th game for the Tigers.
Next Saturday, at Wynnum AFC, Robina take on Beenleigh in the Division 2 Reserves Grand Final, while the Redcliffe Seniors take on Beenleigh in the Seniors Grand Final. Seniors 2.15pm, Reserves 11.45am.

Magoo's club song - V Logan City


1st Semi Final

1st Semi Final



Redcliffe 13.15.93 def Ipswich 10.13.73
Goals: Dave McCreadie 3, James Johnson, Alan Hunter, James Spiteri 2, Rainer Ralph, Will Gannon, Clint Maher, John Reeves 1.
Best: Will Gannon, Craig Bickerton, John Reeves, Harley Frusher, James Johnson, James Spiteri, Clint Maher, Alan Hunter.

 Other Matches: Reserves 2nd Semi Final

Robina defeated Beenleigh

The Redcliffe "Bayview Hotel" Reserves ventured down to Robina to take on Ipswich in the Division 2 Reserves 1st Semi Final.
The Tigers got the early jump and held a commanding lead at half time. However as the Magoo's have done in previous game, they let their opponents back in the game. Ipswich kicked 4 unanswered goals early in the 3rd to get themselves right back into the match, however the Tigers weren't going to let this one slip. A committed effort from the boys in the last was the call from coach DJ Woodcroft at the final break and his charges didn't disappoint. The Tigers were able to withstand the final quarter charge from Ipswich to save their season, and run out 20 point winners, 13.15 93 to 10.13.73. The Reserve's will play Beenleigh next week in the Preliminary Final @ Yeronga from 11.45am.
A win to both the Seniors and Reserves has kept the Dual Premiership Dream still very much alive...

Round 18




                   1st Qtr     2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr     Final Score

Redcliffe     4.1.25    8.4.52     11.8.74    13.9.87

Logan City    0.1.1     6.1.37      8.3.51     10.5.65

Goals: Harley Frusher, Dave McCreadie 3, Rainer Ralph 2, John Reeves, Darren Woodcroft, James Johnson, Robert Arnfield, Shane Williams 1.

Best: Harley Frusher, Jason Burgoyne, Aido Spinks, Craig Bickerton, Ashley Caddie, Toby Southgate, Matt Hendry, John Reeves.


Other Results:

Beenleigh 29.21.195 def Moorooka 2.1.13

Ipswich 15.12.102 def Kedron 4.4.28

Robina 11.9.75 def Calamvale 11.6.72

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