Under 12's Winning The Team Way

By , 11 May 2010

Under 12's Winning The Team Way
Under 12's Winning The Team Way

Under 12's Match Report Round 2.

Under 12's Winning The Team Way



Great TEAM Result for U12's rd 2 Vs Beenleigh


What a great way for our TEAM to repay their Mothers for having to get up so early on Mothers Day. 

During the week at training we worked on making sure we worked on being focused right from the start of the sessions and carrying our concentration through to the end. Our game the week before we were slow on getting started and the coaches knew that we wouldn't get away with that this week.

Before the game we had committed as a TEAM we would acknowledge Mothers Day and Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink armbands. We also had the extra incentive of 2 of our TEAMmates playing in their 50th game for the Tigers. The Coaches wanted to be sure these important events didn't take the focus off of the game that our players were to play. I could sense that the players were more switched on and ready to start the game, which was great.

The first quarter saw us lining up against a much bigger side again. As I said to the players it is fine having big players but if we could show that the Tigers had big hearts and had it in our heads to go hard and attack each contest we would more than match Beenleighs size. We had played them in a grading game but this time they had some different players so we didn't know what to expect. The first quarter turned into a good struggle. Not exciting footy but a good honest battle. We seemed to have a lot of the play in our forward line but with our forward line crowded we couldn't find the goals as much as we probably should have. The coaches were more than happy due to all the players at least being switched on to the game and for the fact that we had kept Beenleigh under pressure over the ground. 

The second quarter had a bit more open play. We had our on ball players in everything and their leadership on the ground was fantastic. With those lads working hard with support from other TEAM members doing the 1 %s that we ask for, it again gave our forwards plenty of opportunities. All our forwards were working hard in our forward area either with the footy or by using physical pressure to clear the way for our smaller players. Our defensive running and pressure did drop off a couple of times, which allowed Beenleigh to stay in touch with us. Their last goal within seconds of the siren was just bad luck. We tell our TEAM to attack every contest, which is what our players did but on this occasion the ball bounced sideways, straight to a Beenleigh player. With the focus on the footy for most of the contests the coaches were rapt with all our players endeavor and TEAMwork. Making a few changes during this quarter gave us some fresh legs out on the ground, which I could see was causing our opposition some trouble.

Half time came and again we wanted the players to remain focused. Although I was a little disappointed for our players that we couldn't break away, I also knew if we kept working on our attack on the footy, TEAMwork, talking and working hard we would start getting results on the board. We made a few more positional changes to take advantage of our fitness and sent the TEAM back out with the knowledge that the game was there for us to take control of and that it was up to them to take responsibility, play their individual roles and then the TEAM would benefit with a great result.

Well the 3rd quarter was a beauty for our whole TEAM. Once again we were attacking contests, wanting the footy and moving the footy on. Our back line was fantastic, with the support of pressure from up the ground the TEAM kept Beenleigh scoreless, which was a super effort. On many occasions during the quarter our structure and running allowed us to take the footy from defense to our forwards without being touched by the opposition. With that happening our forwards were able to make the most of their opportunities gaining the TEAM a 3 goal advantage. Great TEAM efforts throughout the quarter and exciting footy to watch from our Kids.

It was good to see all our players get into the game taking on the contests and even when we were up against bigger opponents we kept battling against the odds. 

During the break I stood back and watched the TEAM come together and be so excited with what they had just done. I thought that was great and to me that is a big part of what youth footy is about. They had done the work during the quarter and then they came together to enjoy, encourage and support each other. All I wanted to say to the players was that the game wasn't over and they must keeping working at the level they had been so far to make sure we finish off the game.

The last quarter certainly tested our defense. Beenleigh had a lot of the play in their forward area and kept peppering away at the goals. The pressure our back line players and our midfielders kept on their opponents was excellent. From 8 shots at goal Beenleigh managed only 8 points. I must say we were a bit lucky as a couple of 1st efforts from our lads did drop off to give opportunities but the good thing was the second efforts put enough pressure on to stop any goals being scored. The few opportunities our forwards got allowed us to score 2 great goals.

Today we had some individuals who played great games but overall it was a Great TEAM effort. We had some more players starting to show they can offer great value to the TEAM and some players that might not have got a lot of the footy themselves still had important input to the result with their contesting and support work. Braidyn & Aaron showed great maturity in not letting the excitement of their milestone games effect their efforts. Again the TEAM members who didn't play out on the ground impressed us. They all stayed with us, supported their mates and helped where they could. Michael and Jared were fantastic in helping with our raffle and although disappointed with missing out on playing, their help shows great TEAM spirit. Well done!!

To see ALL our TEAM arm in arm after the game celebrating their hard work and enjoying the success together is what I think is great about Kids sport. Our group of Kids are learning their roles and responsibilities as we go along. The Kids are also starting to respect and understand the importance of being a TEAM and that our TEAM is not about individuals. This TEAM will continue to improve and as coaches we will be able to develop all of the players if the players remain focused, disciplined and want to work hard. Player’s personal results will come in time and it is only natural that some will come before others. The best thing is the TEAM development will continue.

Thank you very much to all the helpers during our game and for all of your support with our raffles. 

See you all Wednesday at training.

Jerry Field

U12's Coach


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Under 12's Winning The Team Way

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