Under 12's 3 form 3

By , 18 May 2010

Under 12's 3 form 3

Match Report under 12's round 3

Under 12's 3 form 3

Tigers Heart, Class and Spirit Brings Sweet Victory

Well our week on the training track included some training drills to work on a couple of areas the coaches believe we have been struggling. We needed the players to concentrate on bending to pick up the footy. We have had players who get to the contest during the games but then hesitating and waiting for someone else to get the footy. Another area we believed needed work was competing for the ball in the air. Some of the TEAM has to work on developing and to keep improving on the basics As usual we asked for all players to prepare themselves as best they can and turn up in the best condition they can be.

In our pre game preparation I was a bit concerned about the players being switched on and in the right frame of mind for the game. Our numbers on the track were down this week with illness and other commitments so the whole group was unable to train as a TEAM. Some mention of Alex Hills being on the bottom ladder and we would win easy was also a concern. Simon and I made sure the TEAM knew that it doesn’t matter who we play we must always be prepared for the opposition to come at us and Alex Hills proved us right. Our concern that some of our players did not prepare correctly also was proved correct. Alex Hills had a couple of kids that were only out there to throw there weight around and it was new for our TEAM to be in that situation. The way we responded at the contests totally went against our TEAM basic of being hard at the contests and get in first for the ball. We unfortunately had some players who were hesitant and failed to do hard work for their mates. We managed to produce a score for the quarter but Alex Hills had far more opportunities because they were getting in first for the footy. Our back line was under attack but we managed to keep Alex Hills to a couple of goals thanks to the efforts of our back six players. We did have a few players that had prepared well and were up for the contest and they did work at doing their best, which is what the coaches ask for from all our players.

Quarter time came and our TEAM knew we had a game on that we needed to work hard to be in the contest. I had to remind the players to keep focused on the footy, be disciplined and support each other. A couple of changes to our TEAM set up would hopefully help to get the game going our way.

The second quarter was good in that we matched Alex Hills with scoring but other than the passages of play that lead to those opportunities, it was probably our worst quarter of football we have played this season. Decisions weren’t going our way and some poor tactics were being used against us BUT that is no excuse for our poor discipline and for not following the TEAM basics. On the very few occasions the players did what we all know they can do it looked great. Attack the footy, move it on to a TEAMmate up the ground, repeat that process and bang, we have a score on the board. That is how easy the game can be IF all players do what they know is required. Once or twice a quarter is not enough though. Again it took some of our defenders who worked hard keeping Alex Hills under pressure to keep us in the contest.


Half Time came and although disappointed with some of our efforts, I could see Alex Hills were starting to walk during the second quarter so IF we started playing the way we should we were well in the game. I spoke with our leadership group separately and put it on them that it was time they could show why they were the leaders. Words directed to the whole TEAM at half time were discipline, pride, mates, TEAM, courage, work hard and be desperate. I reminded the players that they are not perfect playing the game so they have no right questioning umpires. Move on and concentrate on your role. A few more changes and a reminder to move the footy on and support each other.

The third quarter certainly started with much more effort and focus. The half back line continually stopped any forward play for Alex Hills again proved that when they all work together nothing gets passed them. The run and class of our midfielders was causing frustration for Alex Hills and the actions of a couple of their players were becoming more and more disgracefull as the quarter went on. Alex Hills tactics couldn’t change the way our TEAM were starting to get on top. Our work in the forward line to keep the footy was really picking up and with the midfielders getting to the footy the TEAM was starting to play how we all know we should and we finished the quarter with a small advantage.

Three quarter time gave us the chance to remind the players that the game was there for us to come away with success if they wanted it. Simon & I can give instructions as much as we like but in the end the players are the ones with the roles to play out on the ground. If we kept up the work from the 3rd quarter and ran hard I had no doubt we would come out on top.

The last quarter saw us totally dominate and when the oppositions answer to it is tactics not suitable for youth footy, it makes it even sweeter and makes me even more proud. Our midfielders had far more run which was creating scoring opportunities and ensuring we finished on top. Everyone was putting themselves in and competing at the intensity we expect. The lack of action by the opposing coaching staff for their players behaviour was disappointing and it was a situation that could of quite easily got out of hand but to our players credit we got on with making sure we finished the game the way a good TEAM should. Well done to all the players for our second half effort. We are really proud of you all. We had 7 goal scorers for the game, which shows we share the footy around. It is not about who kicks them, it is about making sure we make the most of our opportunities. Thanks Trey for coming off the ground with a smile on your face even though it was straight after kicking a goal. I thought your Mum was gunna run out to you on the ground she was so excited, so I thought it would be better if you came off!! Jordy, Aidan and Aaron put in great efforts today. Ben and Shaun continue to improve which is fantastic for our TEAM. Tom continues to get the score on the board. Congratulations to the leadership group who responded to the challenge. Ryan was fantastic as we know he can be but on top of that he kept focus after being the target of gutless tactics.

The nonsense behavior some of our players had to put up with by being attacked 50 or 60 meters behind the play was a disgrace and is totally detrimental to the game. When it is as plainly obvious that this is all that the offending players had nothing else to bring to the game, you have to wonder why they should be able to continue to participate. The correct procedures have been taken and hopefully if the offenders can successfully be made aware their actions are not acceptable maybe they will chose to learn the skills of the game to develop their football ability and have a more suitable input to their teams effort.

Thank you to our parents who helped out today.

See you all Wednesday and Friday at training. I know it is getting a bit cooler now but we must keep up our training efforts. We can not afford to drop off in fact if we are to achieve any type of success we must pick up our work rate and we all must work together. It showed today with our first half that if we don’t have the TEAM training together and we don’t make sure our preparation is right for playing footy it will effect our game.

Jerry Field

Coach-Tigers U12s


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Under 12's 3 form 3

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