U18's Report: 1st Semi Final

By , 17 August 2010

U18's Report: 1st Semi Final
U18's Report: 1st Semi Final

Gallant U18's beaten by last kick of the day

U18's Report: 1st Semi Final




Scoreboard    1st Qtr     2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr     Final Score

Wilston          1.1...7     5.4..34      8.5..53      13..7..85

Redcliffe       2.5..17     3.8..26      8.9..57      12.11..83


J.Gould & J.Cantlin 3, J.Haggerty 2, T.Brown, T.Roney, M.Purvis & M. Gregory 1

Best Players

T. Brown, T. Roney, B. Strang, J. Haggerty, J. Cantlin, S. Munsie

Well, as we draw closure on season 2010, it was only fitting that we should play probably the match of the year in a do or die semi final. Our opponents had touched us up both physically and on the scoreboard when we last met so we knew we had a lot of work to do.


With a light week on the track we looked very committed from the outset. Once again our back six were playing tight, accountable footy and we were creating plenty of space moving forward. 7 scoring shots to 2 should have meant a bigger lead than 10 points.


The second quarter started with both sides not giving an inch. Wilston seemed to find a bit of fluency though we were still creating options moving forward but our conversion was letting us down. To have more scoring shots at ½ time and be behind by 8 points was disappointing for the boys.


The third quarter showcased what this team is capable of. Plenty of numbers around every contest and protecting the ball carrier, we started to get on top of Wilston. Throw in a couple of undisciplined acts from Wilston and we were looking the goods. They were a little rattled as we piled on 5 goals to 3 and turned a half time deficit into a 4 point lead.


With the wind blowing in all directions we kept applying pressure and this enabled us to kick away to a 22 point lead. At about the 10 minute mark we could sense 1 more goal could be the nail in the coffin. What was to happen will live in my mind for awhile as Wilston kicked a goal and then followed it up with another to draw within 10 points. Another one soon saw them right in it and when they hit the lead with less than 2 minutes remaining we thought it was curtains. But, with a never say die attitude we moved the ball forward and when Bomber swooped on the ball in the goal square I thought we had it won.


As Tim Shaw used to say, “But wait there’s more”. Amazingly Wilston cleared it out of the centre and with the ball heading to the boundary a Wilston player snapped truly to give them victory on the bell. Words cannot convey the tide of emotions both Chris and I felt, but even more the brave 22 players who gave their all for jumper and mate. A 2 point loss saw us bow out of the finals race but not without a massive fight. Their never say die attitude to each other is something to be commended. 


As I say my final farewell for 2010, may I take the time out to thank my assistant Chris “Mad Dog” Nicholson, Team Manager Ray Palmer and my runner Dan Hayes. Along with all the other parents who gave up their time throughout the season to either run boundary, run water, wave the flags or be timekeeper, please remember, without your continued support throughout the year, we would not have got to where we were today.


To my wife Leanne and boys, James “Mr Incredible, Spiderman, Captain Mac” and pretty much every super hero going round and Michael “Jack Jack” I thank you for being with me every step of the way.


Finally, to all the players who have turned up for Redcliffe this year. I always told you from the start I was not here to be your friend, but I was always willing to listen. I hope you have taken something from this year that may help you in your football or life in general. It has been a challenge that I am glad I accepted.


Quote : The true character of a person is how he handles defeat, will he just lay there and accept it or will he stand up to be counted the next time.


Ash Humphrey 

U 18's Coach


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U18's Report: 1st Semi Final

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