Tigers Too Tough

By , 1 August 2010

Tigers Too Tough
Tigers Too Tough

Under 14 Match Report 1/8/10

Tigers Too Tough






Redcliffe  6.5.41 Defeated  Coorparoo  4.4. 28           

Goals:  Dickfos 3, Watson 2, Dawson 1. 

Best Players: Dawson, Dickfos, Pyke, Crispe, Cantlin, Hanning, Patching. 

Over the last few years we have built a great rivalry with Coorparoo with honours being shared fairly evenly. A mutual respect between both coaches and teams has meant that there is never much space between them after each game and the realisation that any win would almost certainly have been earned. Today was certainly no different.

Our side was missing our regular CHF in Connor as well as regular back pocket Jack Carlson and HB Ethan Cole. All of whom are very hard to replace, so our team was a little depleted but it meant an opportunity for some players to possibly stand up and show they have the ability to compete when asked to do so.

It is always difficult for us to compete against a side with no less than 10 players who would have been close to Liam’s height. Our game plan was simple though, compete and get the ball to the ground and put the head over it and earn each possession, cop whatever you have to too get the ball, recover the ball or maintain possession. Look to utilise a team mate in a better position and play smart football. 

We lost Tyler Cester in the first quarter with a hamstring injury that could very well have been the end of his year. This happened while desperately trying to make a contest running backwards which typified our desire for the day. So a quick reshuffle with Watson to FF and Dickfos to CHF still enabled us to have targets to go to that would bring the ball to ground and hopefully the smalls would compete from there.

With a half time score of 2 to Coorparoo and 8 to us it was clear there was nothing between the sides and it would come down to whoever wanted it most. The stage was set for a hero to stand up and provide the turning points in the game and we had not one, not two but four acts of bravery and desperation that left everyone inspired to finish the job for each other. A 60 metre chase and tackle of a much bigger opponent by Chucky in our forward line earned him a free kick, a 70 meter chase by Brad Seely from our forward line caused enough pressure to have his opponent penalised for running too far. Rosie Pyke moved on to the ball and single handed provided the aggression and contest we desperately needed in the second half to force the ball forward and create options or just maintain possession. Then just before 3 quarter time Jacko went down with a hit to the ribs after snapping a goal from deep in the forward pocket only to be left suffering the consequences of his commitment to competing. 

While laying down and trying to recover, his team mates where huddling at the third break thinking what do we do from here only to see Jacko get to his feet come back into the group and say l won’t lay down until the job is done who is with me and that was all they needed to hear. Sands was moved to CHF and Jacko to FF and Watson at HF they provided enough options for us to kick a winning score. None of this would have been possible had it not been for the efforts of Dawson, Pyke, Crispe and Williams winning the ball from the stoppages. Patching and Bramwell were providing plenty of options on the wings. Our defence was beautifully led by Josh Hanning sweeping across half back with ease and precision.

In the end this was one of the most physically tough games we have played and by far the most satisfying and memorable. The final score of 41 to 28 was just rewards for a team that still hasn’t reached its full potential but continues to grow with self belief. To once again be able to sing the club song in the manner we sing is the most satisfying feeling I have ever had with a junior team. Well done everyone. 

Thanks again to all my team in Jodie, Watto, Heathy and Chris, as well as our true blue volunteers who ensure we get to play by committing to the team and the jobs that need to be done every week. 

See you all at training and then next week when we take on Sherwood at Sherwood on Sunday at 12.00pm. 



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Tigers Too Tough

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