Tigers Keep Getting Better

By , 31 May 2010

Tigers Keep Getting Better
Tigers Keep Getting Better

Under 14 Match Report Round 5

Tigers Keep Getting Better

Score: Redcliffe 5       8          38  Defeated  Coorparoo Navy           4          5          29       


Goals: Cester 2, Dawson 2, Dickfos 1


Best Players: Dawson, Watson, Dickfos, Cester, Cantlin, Crispe, Hanning, Inglis


Today we ventured to Coorparoo to play against a side that has held the wood over us for the last couple of years and our most recent meeting resulted in a 50 point hiding from them during the grading games. They were taller, faster and stronger then, so our preparation and focus needed to be directed on who we were then, compared to who we are now. We have grown in confidence and improved marginally in ability and worked really hard to educate each other on how to compete when it is our time to do so.


We entered the weekend with Mark Lynne coming down to illness and injury clouds over some players and the realization to players that their spot is not guaranteed and failure to do the right things means time on the side lines. Especially insufficient rehab on injuries. That is why players are still expected to be at training injured or not. A prime example is Jayden and Shauny doing extra when they can’t use the balls yet. Great job boys.


As has been the case for the majority of the year so far, with the exception of our backline, our on ball structure and forward line structure are very unsettled and we have had to make considerable changes and rotations throughout every game to get the right balance. Our on ball rotations are hard to keep track of and due to the development of new and inexperienced players our forward line structure is sometimes very undermanned and lack the persistent competitive ability we need to kick scores.


While saying that our improved ability and game knowledge is beginning to produce contests that were not evident in the early stages of the season. This created opportunity today. We put into place a back line capable of competing and negating scoring opportunities from Coorparoo. Led by Watson, Sands and Carlson we were able to withstand most forward thrusts that Coorparoo threw at us.

The stable backline meant we were able to readjust the on ball team and place more emphasis on our forward set up. Cester went to FF and along with Inglis at CHF we had two very hard working key targets to go to. Combining that with Dickfos at HF and Bramwell in the pocket meant Collihole and Hoffman on the other flank and pocket had experience around them to assist and guide during their time up forward.

If that was to work to our advantage, then we needed to get first use of the ball and Dawson, Crispe, Cantlin and Hanning did just that. They were hard working when they needed to be and smarter for the majority of the game. Coorparoo had made it easier for us by trying to flood our forward line but this enabled Crispe , Watson, Carlson and Hanning to set up our defensive line and continually push the ball back in when Coorparoo looked to clear it. There was never much between the two sides all day but a more committed effort and a better use of the ball by the Tigers meant more chances for us and fortunately we took most of them when it counted. Another win was on the board and a very happy crew got to sing the song for the second week in a row and the new players got to lip sinc again. It sounded sweet to me.


Dawson was terrific in his role as the mobile ruck man as was Cester in the unusual role of FF for the whole day. Watson built the stone wall with the help of Crispe, Carlson and Hanning and Chucky finally showed his value with some great pressure around the ground and up forward. Inglis and Dickfos also made major contributions to what was a very satisfying day for all concerned. Congratulations to all players on a job well done. Thanks again to all of our volunteers and to my support team and the families that support us week in week out.


Next week we are at home against Sherwood who is a team we know nothing about so we can’t take it for granted and will prepare accordingly.


See you all then.




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Tigers Keep Getting Better

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