Tigers Finish Season on a High

By , 16 August 2009

Tigers Finish Season on a High
Tigers Finish Season on a High

Seniors by 115 points, but % keeps them out of Finals

Reserves finish Home & Away Season in 2nd Place...

Report & Ladders now up....

Tigers Finish Season on a High





Round 19

Redcliffe vs UQ Red Lions

Saturday 15th August 2009 @ Redcliffe



                        1st Qtr      2nd Qtr      3rd Qtr       Final Score

Redcliffe          9.6.60    14.13.97   22.18.150   27.22.184

UQ Red Lions   2.3.15      4.4.28       8.7.55         10.9.69

Goals:  Brad Laycock 9, Ricky Milligan 4, Josh Bond 3, James Niven 3, David Gunn 2, Ben Foley 2, Jake Haggerty 2, Steven Hill 1, Shane Ward 1.

Best:  Gary Spencer, Brad Laycock, James Niven, Joel Hart, Scott Davis, Steven Hill, Steve Jenkins, Ricky Milligan.


Other Results:

Beenleigh 12.8.80 def Strathpine 11.12.78

Kedron 14.11.95 draw Robina 14.11.95

Logan 22.10.142 def Ipswich 12.10.82

Calamvale - BYE



                         1st Qtr     2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr      Final Score

Redcliffe           3.3.21     6.4.40     10.8.68      16.12.108

UQ Red Lions     1.1.7      3.3.21       3.3.21        4.3.27

Goals:  Brett Kern 5, Craig Laycock 2, Scott Ward 2, Aaron Spinks 2, Alex Wagner 1, Scott Forbes 1, Jason Nicholson 1, Adrian Spinks 1, Scott Wilkie 1.

Best:  Chris Haesler, Brett Kern, Alex Wagner, Adrian Spinks, Luke Mayberry, Scott Wilkie, Aaron Spinks, Craig Bickerton.


Other Results:

Beenleigh 23.17.155 def Strathpine 2.2.14

Kedron 12.5.74 def Robina 10.5.65

Logan 4.5.29 def Ipswich 10.10.70

Calamvale - BYE



Ladder After Round 19

POS   TEAM P W L D For Ag PC Pts
1   Robina AFC 18 14 1 1 2153 959 224.50 58
2   Kedron AFC 18 11 4 1 1548 1025 151.02 46
3   Beenleigh AFC 18 11 5 0 1549 1024 151.27 44
4   Strathpine AFC 18 11 5 0 1737 1253 138.63 44
5   Ipswich AFC 18 7 9 0 1597 1546 103.30 28
6 Redcliffe AFC 18 7 9 0 1495 1625 92.00 28
7   Logan City AFC 18 5 11 0 1261 1716 73.48 20
8   Calamvale AFC 17 4 12 0 1233 1630 75.64 16
9   UQ Redlions 2 18 1 15 0 733 2528 29.00 4



Ladder After Round 19

POS   TEAM P W L D For Ag PC Pts
1   Robina AFC 17 13 2 0 1687 529 318.90 52
2 Redcliffe AFC 17 11 4 1 1266 806 157.07 46
3   Beenleigh AFC 17 11 4 0 1220 748 163.10 44
4   Kedron AFC 17 9 6 0 1280 824 155.34 36
5   Ipswich AFC 17 8 7 0 984 877 112.20 32
6   Logan City AFC 17 7 7 1 930 899 103.45 30
7   UQ Redlions 2 17 4 11 0 589 1347 43.73 16
8   Calamvale AFC 16 2 13 0 599 1388 43.16 8
9   Strathpine AFC 17 2 13 0 490 1627 30.12 8


Seniors Report:

Our last game of the year for our Senior team was at home and gave us an opportunity to play some of the younger under 18 players that have been training with us over the last month. While our chances of making finals had been dealt with last week, it was important that we finished our season on a high. With plenty of changes due to injuries we had to start well.

It took 22 seconds for Redcliffe to obtain its first goal of the game through some great work in the ruck from Hilly and our on-ballers in Jenks, Cez and Niv. The ball moved from the centre and thanks to some great work from Ricky Milligan, who slotted the first of his 4 from 40m out. But in the 22 seconds it took for us to kick our first goal, it also took for us to get our first injury, with Chris Anderson coming in off the square and having a head clash that resulted in a trip to get stitches. The first quarter was all Redcliffe with our forward line having plenty of ball due to our midfield and back line having little trouble with the Uni forwards, ending the quarter 9.6 to 2.3.

The second quarter started and Redcliffe was playing with confidence and dominating all over the ground. It was our younger brigade of Tyson Brown, Joel Hart, Kieran Hart and Jake Haggerty that were giving the extra run all over the ground and using the ball well. Lazy began to get used and with Gunny, Bondy and Ricky all proving to hard to beat, Redcliffe went into the main break with a big lead, even though it could have been bigger, ending the half at 14.13-97 to 4 .4-28

With the half time Auskick on the field it was a cheerful sound as the boys retook the field, with only a half of footy to go it was important that we stuck to our team structure and continued to play team footy. But it was Uni that got the jump and came out firing with the first 3 goals on the board, bringing our lead back to 8 goals. This is where Shane Ward showed his experience and steadied the ship and got Redcliffe back on track. He set Lazy up for a couple of goals, worked the ball out of defence and when combined with Jenks and Niven through the centre of the ground turned the game back to Redcliffe. The tigers put on 8 goals in 10-12 minutes, while Uni kept trying, our backline kept them at bay. Yahoo and Joel read the play and set up numerous attacking raids from deep in our backline, ending the quarter at 22.18-150 to 8.7-55

The final quarter had got under way and Redcliffe was once again at its best with our backline winning the contested ball and our midfield running over the top. Gunny and Bondy kicked their 3rd goals while Ricky got his 4th, the game was well and truly in the bag. With the quarter coming to an end, we saw Lazy bag his 9th and show that he's one of the most dangerous forwards in the competition. The game ended with 27.22-184 to 10.9-69.

It was great to finish on a high and with such a big win. It was also great to see that the future of Redcliffe Tigers is on the right track with some great potential senior players to come up through the ranks below. Yahoo played his best game all year, Jenks and Niv won plenty of ball, Lazy kicking 9 goals, while Ricky kicked 4 from the wing and half forward. Redcliffe showed that even though we won't be playing in the finals, the Tigers are willing to compete right to the end and our improvement from the first half of the year was even more evident.

With the Seniors season now over it is important that we get behind the reserves and show that we are one club and support them on the quest towards a flag in 2009. I would also like to thank both Shane Ward and Steve Jenkins for their help as Assistant Coaches this year. A special thanks also to Darren Halley, Steve Brown and Rob Dickfos who have given me great support all year. From all the players and myself, a big thank you must go to Lenore, who each week gave up here time to help manage the team, and to all those who volunteers who gave up there time to support Redcliffe in 2009 I thankyou and ask for your continued support for the rest of the year and in years to come.

Senior Coach Grant Heath


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Tigers Finish Season on a High

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