Tigers Fall Short

By , 13 July 2010

Tigers Fall Short

Match Report u 16's

Tigers Fall Short
Sunday 11 July
Under 16’s Match Report vs Aspley
We have just come back from our mid season break and this was being treated as a “New Season” starting today with six games to go. Tags delivered his address to the boys with emphasis on unforced errors and second efforts occurring during the game due to the two week break. The Huddle was being implemented for the kick in so players had to be aware to quickly setup prior to kick outs. Players had been busy during the school holiday break with a few injuries occurring whilst attempting other activities!
Today’s game was a real grudge game as we haven’t played Aspley as yet and with last year’s grand final still etched in a few of our memories this was the opportunity to see where we are at. A moment occurred prior to the start of the game with a sly Aspley supporter deciding to setup and video tape the game from the Clubhouse. The matter was sorted out by scribe and he quickly invoked the “you can’t do that without our permission” rule and moved him on to which it should have gone through the Ground Marshall. That was our only win for the day!
The quarter started with Clarky back into the team and starting in the ruck with Benny, Corbs and Jayke starting in the middle. We were unable to get a clear possession with a lot of scrappy play occurring within our forward line. The ball finally fell to Trent who snapped truly for our first goal of the game. Sean and Zac Van Haaften were having an impact at centre half back by marking the ball and clearing it out of attack. Matty was solid as a rock at fullback with fierce attacks on the ball and clearing it out of danger. Zac O’Hea was providing aggression at the oncoming traffic by leaving his man and taking on the attacker to thwart a certain score.
Aspley then posted the next two goals of the game to take a lead going into quarter time.
Quarter time score: Redcliffe 1.3.9 to Aspley 2.1.13
The quarter time address was given by Tags challenging the boys to get out of their holiday mood and focus more on the game at hand. Positional changes were made with some players changing by 180 degrees.
The second quarter got under way with much of the same as the first with rebound footy being played between each other’s half backlines. Petey was beginning to gather touches along with Alex and Wilko was throwing himself into every contest. Woody was thrown into the backline to bolster our defence and Jed was doing the job asked of him as he applied pressure to his opponent whenever the ball got near him.
Trent, Braeden and Pat found themselves in the backline and they combined to run the ball out of defence with very fluent motion. Braeden decided to take the opponents on and take a bounce to find space further up the field.
Our second goal finally came through a mark to Wilko from Pat’s quick kick forward. This seemed to start a mini revival and displayed our playing capabilities to our supporters through our solid attack on the ball and quick, decisive movement to a team mate up forward. The next two minutes saw us pile on two goals from Keeno and Marto to take us to the main break with a 13 point lead. Al Dunbier took on two Aspley players with the footy and held onto the ball until he had the opportunity to get a handball away. Sean was still holding his own at centre halfback; Mitch was providing support up forward and along with Benny, Wilko and Corbs all looked set for a comfortable win.
Halftime score: Redcliffe 4.4.28 to Aspley 2.3.15
The halftime address was delivered with emphasis on how our actions displayed how we walked off the ground with our three minutes of footy to take a half time lead. Happiness at halftime compared to despair at quarter time. Actions speak louder than words and it was time for everyone to stand up and be a leader in their own right. Concentration needs to be maintained throughout the game as this game was our litmus test to where we are at this stage of the season.
The third quarter got under way and proved to be a very tight affair as Aspley scored the first goal of the second half. Play was mainly in our forward fifty where Drifto popped up for a goal. Clarky was awarded a free for a centre square infringement plus a double fifty to put him right in front for another goal to keep the momentum going forward. Benny provided some inspiration for his team with three bounces down the far wing to setup another forward thrust. Wilko managed two marks within succession to hold the ball in our forward line, play on and find Pat who kicked truly for another goal to keep our momentum rolling.
The second half of the quarter was the game changer as Aspley piled four goals in very quick time to finish off the quarter level with us after we had established a four goal lead midway through the term.
3 Quarter time score: Redcliffe 7.5.47 to Aspley 7.5.47
The final address from Tags ensured the boys listened attentively as they all gathered in a huddle around the coach to be given their last instructions on how to win the game. The remainder was up to the boys to take control and believe in each other.
The last quarter got under way with Aspley attacking from the word go. There were words of derision being heard from the scoreboard as our players were being overlooked for frees due to the umpires having put the whistle away. Aspley finished off the quarter with two goals and ran out winners. This really deflated the boys as they had been shell shocked from the third quarter onslaught. We had our chances in the last five minutes to snatch victory but could not find the right formula to finish off.
The boys were made to listen to Apsley sing their song as they rubbed the win into our faces with great disdain. There was a long post match address given by Tags to the boys to let them know that there are a lot of excuses given by players instead of “getting in and getting the ball”. Do not leave to it to someone else to do the job, put your hand up and take on the responsibility. Players were asked to name their best team to put forward to the coaching staff at training by Wednesday. That was all.
As usual thanks to Terry, Geoff, Nick, Craig and all of our support staff (parents) and see you next week against West Juniors. Hopefully we can have a win!
Final score: Redcliffe 7.9.51 to Aspley 9.6.60
Goal Scorers: Ely - 1, Pat Pyke – 1, Wilkinson – 1, Madden – 1, Martin – 1, Driftman – 1,
                        Clark – 1,
Best Players: Corbin Dickfos, Ben Delahay, Matt Spencer, Adam Clark, Luke Wilkinson, Mitch Turner.

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Tigers Fall Short

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