Through Adversity Our Club Unifies

By , 24 May 2009

Through Adversity Our Club Unifies
Through Adversity Our Club Unifies

Over 70 Volunteers turn up to Working Bee

Now with report from Rob Dickfos

Through Adversity Our Club Unifies





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Adversity brings Unity to Redcliffe Tigers

The Redcliffe Tigers are no strangers to doing it tough. In previous years the club has endured minimal support from local business, poor reputations regarding football and a ground well documented for its ability to flood at the very hint of rain and high tides. Needless to say the last 7 days has been a rollercoaster for the club leaders and volunteers.
It is regularly said the strength of a club is shown when backs are against the wall and a call to arms is put in place, who stands tall. It must be said, there are none standing taller than the people at the Redcliffe Tigers AFC.
Through the rock solid leadership of Darren Halley (Club President), Debbie Dickfos (Junior President) and Senior coach Grant Heath this club is enjoying its most fruitful year of growth, camaraderie and positivity ever, which is a result of 4 years of persistence, uncompromising decisions and hard work. They are not jumping hurdles they are crashing through them.
Proof in the pudding is the rain affected facilities they have experienced over the last week. The way the dedicated teams of parents, volunteers, senior and junior players and committees have bonded together to ensure this club would once again get up after being kicked down by Mother Nature is truly inspiring.
A team of over 70 people played a part in the clean up after rain had left the small club wondering if it could recover and if finances would allow them to replace what was lost. Water not only covered the perimeter fence of the oval but reached a level of over a meter inside the change rooms and storage container causing damage to walls, fridges, freezers, training and canteen equipment and general facilities needed to develop our young stars of the future.
An estimated $25,000 of equipment appears lost and in need of replacement to ensure we are able to continue our development as a club and provide for the growth we are experiencing.
The Tigers are one of a few clubs in South East Qld able to say we are experiencing growth at a fantastic rate. They have grown from 161 in 2008 to 221 in 2009 in juniors alone. This doesn’t include the addition of a new under 18’s team and the extended list of senior players and masters players the club is currently enjoying.
It is obvious that the Redcliffe Tigers Australian Football Club consists of a hard working, dedicated group of people driven by the need to provide a service for the people within our community. It is our responsibility to assist them to ensure our youth have the opportunity to experience AFL within our own district. If you are able to provide any assistance to the Tigers to help recover their losses or just want to be involved with them please contact the club on Ph 3203 2624.


Volunteers we want to thank

Dickfos Family x 4
Lynne Family x 2
Katrina and Declan
Storm and Jake Carlson
Dunbier Family x 3
Phil and Sam Munsie
Cester Family x 4
Delahay Family x 3
Bev, Liam and Kyle Dawson
Furness Family x 4
Porter Family x 7
Saunders Family
Ray Palmer 
Nigel and Eric Kestle
Brown Family x 3
Grant Smith
Darren Halley
Brett Kern
Grant Heath
Shane Ward
Kiwi, Nathan McKay
Corey Fulcher 
Robbo & Lenore
Scott Ward
Shane Ward
Brett Kern
Aaron Richardson
Nigel Kessel & Son Eric
Corey Fulcher
Nick Spring
Nathan Mackay
Luke Mayberry
Al Keen & Aaron
Grant Heath
Dean Flynn
James Johnson

Also thanks to Josh Bond, Ricky Milligan, Mick & Joey Cantlin, Dillan Lane, Warwick Rayner & JR for their help on other days after the Flood.


Below is a list of things that needed to be done after the damage caused by the Floods on Wednesday.

1. Clear the container and allow items to dry and rearrange the crates to sit items off the floor. Including mowers.
2. Clear rooms of all items so walls can be brushed and then hosed.
3. Rooms to be hosed. - Last thing done.
4. Toilets to be cleaned and hosed.
5. Rubbish picked up around the oval and on the oval.
6. Car park to be cleaned and garden mulch replaced.
7. Old signage around ground to be picked up and bought to the old container.
8. Old container to emptied and rubbish thrown in Skip
9. Top soil spread around low lying areas on oval.
10. Road gravel to be used to fill in side of container washed away.
11. All Signage on fences around ground to be cleaned.
12. Total clean out of old signage under scoreboard and that area underneath to be cleared completely.
13. Drainage channel in front of canteen to be shoveled and cleared.
14. Cleaning of front glass of club house.
15. Cleaning of all chairs and tables underneath
16. Cupboards to be cleaned and refilled.
17. Re dig in front of container and use road base gravel supplied to create better front entrance.
18. Canteen to be cleaned completely.
19. Gardens tidied up and if possible new sugar cane mulch laid.
20. Children's play area to be check and tidied up
21. Area in front of stairs and under ramp to be raked and cleaned.
22. All benches and shelters and tables to be checked and cleaned.
23. Computer to be packed away and removed until we find a home for it.
24. Play puzzle supplied to be put together and see if it is still functional then cleaned.
25. Poker machines to be taken away and destroyed.
26. Latches on Toilets doors
27. Smoking signs to be put up.
28. Net repaired behind goals

At the end of the day ( and it was a long one ) 26 of the jobs were done and
in addition some painted seats. ( I am sure there were other things done that I haven't noticed yet.)

The only things we didn't get done I listed below with reasons.

1. Clean out the old container - No bloody room in the skip to fit anything else in.

2. Clean the car park area - To many bloody cars belonging to helpers so we couldn't do that either.

Both excuse totally valid.

David Delahay has taken the mowers away to get cleaned up and working which is fantastic as well.

Totally successful day with over 70 helpers and I am paying for it today as is Corbin who has strained muscles in his ankle and still kept working.
Don't you just love that.

Rob Dickfos.


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Through Adversity Our Club Unifies

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