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Redcliffe Tigers Newsletter

By , 5 August 2009

Redcliffe Tigers Newsletter
Redcliffe Tigers Newsletter

Hopefully the first of many....

Redcliffe Tigers Newsletter

2009 Season Newsletter

Presidents Word – Darren Halley

Welcome to our first communication to players, supporters, parents, sponsors, staff and patrons of the Redcliffe Tigers for the 2009 season.

This is also my first opportunity to communicate broadly to our club in my capacity as President, so therefore I would like to share with you our key focuses for this season, and a brief overview of our vision for the next 5 years.

We feel that we are in a very strong position being located in a significant growth corridor within the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. This belief has been confirmed with a steady increase in our Junior player numbers, as well as increases in our Senior playing group and even our Masters playing group.

The key focus for this year was to unify our club, and to ensure that we have a connection between our Auskick program all the way through to our Youth Footballers, Under 18’s, Seniors and Masters players, parents and supporters. A key element of this was to launch our 18’s team, which is the first time that we have had under 18’s at the club for a number of years. Whilst we knew that this would be a challenge onfield, we felt the long term benefits for the club would far outweigh the early hurdles.

Another key focus for the year was to instil consistent disciplines as well as on and off field behaviours within the whole club. As a club we had been critisised and even fined by AFLQ in respect to previous misdemenours. To ensure that we were working towards our vision, we needed to make sure that these disciplines were not only implemented, but also addressed consistently. I would personally like to thank our team of coaches, leadership groups and parents for their support in relation to this key focus. We appreciate that not everyone is going to agree with the decisions that our committee makes, however we feel confident that each decision is made with the right intent and certainly with the long term viability and growth of our club in mind.

Whilst our main focus is to operate a sucecssful football club, we are also charged with the responsibility of managing and operating a Sporting Club. Obviously our Sporting Club needs to adhere to all government regulations in respect to Liquor Licensing, Food Preparation, Gaming Laws etc. This year we needed to ensure that we were able to provide outstanding Profit and Loss and Financial Statements to each of these government bodies. We also needed to ensure that our Sporting Club was trading profitably and continue to improve the overall profitability of the club.


We have now held our adjourned AGM for the past 2 years and we have been able to pass our Audited Profit and Loss andFinancial Statements for these 2 years. The 2008/09 Finanial Year showing a small trading profit.

We have also receieved notification of $25,000 in government funding for the recent floods that ravished our club. The funding will help to repair damaged walls in our change rooms, a new net behind the goals (creek end) and assistance with repairing/replacing our canteen.

Whilst we have enjoyed a year of mixed success on the field, I feel thatwe are building some very strong foundations for long term success in the future. We have some fantastic people at our club that are committed to ensuring our success, I would like to thank all Players, Parents, Sponsors, Staff and Members of our club for your support throughout the year. I would also like to thank our list of volunteers/committe for their time and effort in what has been a year of consolidation for our Club.

The support that I have received from both Steve Brown and Ray White has been nothing short of fantastic, without these two volunteers our club would not be where it is today.

Steve Brown Vice Pres/W/site Mgr/Club P/grapher

Robbo Ide – Committeemen (Strapper, Robbo’s Raffles)

Rob Dickfos – Committeeman/Coaching Coordinator (Senior and Junior)

Lenore Ide – (Sporting Club Manager and Senior Team Manager)

Rod Sondergold – Committeeman/Membership Manager

James Johnson – Committeeman/Licensee

Anjanenette Van Bosch – Secretary

Grant Heath – Committeeman/Senior Coach

Steve Jenkins – Committeeman/Player Rep

Deb Dickfos – Junior Club President

Junior Committee and all Coaches, Team Managers and volunteers.

Thanks again for all of your support throughout the year, here’s hoping for an even better finish to our season.

Darren Halley

Redcliffe Tigers Club President

Heathy’s View – Grant Heath (Senior Coach)

We are entering the final stages of the season and our senior and reserves teams are in 6th and 2nd position on the ladder. With 49 players having played in our senior team this season, we have struggled to have a consistent side. Not being able to select the same players week in week out has cost us some games.  Losing the Kedron game by 2 points and losing 6 points to Logan, are games that were well within our reach and would have seen us sitting in the top 5. Sitting in 6th place,  our season is hanging on the edge.
While our reserves side is sitting in 2nd place, the upcoming match against Calamvale is going to be played with final-like intensity. With injuries crippling much of the senior playing list, the reserves have been able to keep a good mix of experience while also providing opportunities to young players doing well. Throughout the year we have been getting record numbers to training most weeks and every player clearly understands the code to which we strive to achieve.  We have also seen an increase in memberships from previous years as well with many new faces to the club.  We have worked towards instilling discipline in our players which has seen the respect for the club increase.

The big improvement around the club has come from the players themselves.  Our reputation is becoming more of a family friendly club,  with plenty of families attending our games with the next batch of Tiger cubs already down watching their Dads play.  Our teamwork is just as apparent off the field as it is on the field, with plenty of senior and reserves players getting down to lend a hand to help clean up the club from the flood damage  a few months ago. This year we have worked on building a cohesive and supportive club across all grades with recognition that the players of tomorrow will be coming through the juniors and under 18's. It is also worth noting that the support received from the committee and volunteers have helped influence the changes. 

Grant Heath – Senior Coach

Browney’s Cyber Space – Steve Brown (Vice President) is fast becoming a very valuable tool for our club. Not only for some of us that just want to have a look at ourselves in the Photo Libraries, but it's also the quickest means of getting information to our very broad an vast membership and supporter base. In time, it will also become a valuable marketing and advertising tool for the club that should generate good revenue from local businesses wanting to advertise on our site. The club started the website back in 2005, it was a very humble start indeed.... It needed some life and energy put into it, so early in 2008, Ray Pekin was asked to take over the up keep of the website and the number of visits to the site started to grow from virtually nothing to an average of 45 visits per day. Ray, at the time had other club commitments and could no longer afford the time to keep the website up to date, so myself & Dannielle Brown took it over and it's grown from strength to strength. The site is now averaging 175 visits per day. 184 was the average in May, but this was mainly due to the biggest day the sites every had, May 21st saw 424 people visit the site after the torrential rains hit the club, which resulted in the entire field, clubrooms & carpark being flooded.

By far, the Senior Photo's page is the most viewed page on the site, how vain are they..!!  An amazing stat that I find is the number of expats or travellers that visit our website regularly. On Average, we get 350 visits per month from the United State, 200 from Canada and many others from Countries such as Romania, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Belgium, Poland, Fiji, Spain, Taiwan, & Ireland just to name a few...

The Website is only as good as the information it is fed, so please start sending through bits of information and photo's that you want everyone to see and know. (Photo's need to be good quality and clear, with names). We're starting to reach out to a lot of people so help us help you....

Steve Brown – Vice President/ Website Manager/Assistant Coach Under 18’s


Rob’s write up – Rob Dickfos (Coaching Coordinator)

The Redcliffe Tigers have developed at a promising rate compared to other clubs within the AFLQ and AFLBJ community, and for the first time ever we were able to hold interviews to select some coaches very early November 2008 for the 2009 season. This enabled us the opportunity to begin our recruiting early and receive indications of where we might need more promoting and if in fact we would have enough interest to be able to field one or two teams in certain age groups.

The selection criteria for our coaches were very simple. First and most important was to have a person who wanted to do the job and not be begged to do it.  Their credentials and communication skills and the need to understand the direction of the club and the importance of implementing the same beliefs and values that the club is now priding itself on, were also key factors.

We have seven Auskick teams and three youth teams, an under 18’s, reserves, seniors and masters and an Auskick 12 week program. All of these teams have allocated coaching staff with assistants and managers which is no easy feat.

It is important the coach understands he is the one responsible for the functioning of his team, his staff and the parents. He is the head figure who controls the conduct of his team and the sportsmanship that is expected from every player representing the club. Coaching should be looked at in the same view as a player. They are constantly developing and learning at each training session and with each game, so we encourage it and help it grow through support and understanding.

Our Auskick coaches are encouraged to focus on the fun aspect of being involved in AFL while teaching the fundamentals and basic skills of the game which is not easy to do while controlling a group of hyperactive energetic group of kids experiencing freedom from home for only an hour.

Our Youth teams are performing better than initially expected with all teams showing the willingness to compete and respond to the various styles of training their coach’s implement. The under 18’s are doing it tough in their first year but the talent is obvious and the future is bright for the club if we continue to provide the avenues to senior football through these teams.

The senior squad has experienced ups and downs year to date with the reserves leading the way with a better win loss ratio however a new Senior Coach and coaching support staff, a new mix of players, different strategies and a new club mentality can take time to establish properly. There have been a number of circumstances that have attributed to the inconsistencies in performances and with the support of both club and coaches the players have begun to show that better things are certainly possible and also expected for the remainder of the year.

The masters’ team, made up of coaches, assistant coaches, dads and old football buddies who just love the game, have bought a sense of fun and involvement throughout the club which is normally expected from the senior players, but the masters are another team within the club that brings enjoyment to all involved especially the kids of those that play.

In football terms I believe this club is in the best state it has been in a long time with the group of volunteers we have in coaching roles. With none of them ever claiming to know it all, they have dedicated their time to develop AFL within our community and they continue to strive to enhance the status of our club by teaching the right values, the right conduct and the right type of sportsmanship that makes most people proud to have their families involved with.

Thank you for your continued support of this club and these volunteer and a simple comment of “Keep up the good work” to our volunteers would never go astray.

Rob Dickfos

Redcliffe Tigers Football/Coaching Coordinator


Terry’s TalesTerry O’Hea Junior Vice President

The 2009 Season kicked off with our Sign on weekend being held on the 7th and 8th February, this was a very successful weekend, with over 100 children coming and signing on over the 2 days. From the initial sign on day these numbers have now climbed to be 171 children spread across 10 teams, made up of 2 x Under 8s, 2 x Under 9s, 2 x Under 10s, 1 x Under 11, 1 x Under 12, 1 x Under 14 and 1 x Under 16. These numbers are an increase from last season. The Club this year has also seen an increase in the number of Club umpires who control the junior games.

The first games of the season commenced on the 14th-15th March with the Grading games for the 12s, 14s and 16s to see which division each team would be placed. At the conclusion of these the youth teams were placed in the following; under 12 into Div 3, Under 14 into Div 2 and the Under 16s into Div 3.

The Weekend of the 18th-19th April saw both the juniors taking to field for the first time and Youth Teams recommencing their premiership battles. At present the season has just passed the halfway point in the Season with all 171 children enjoying their football. At present the youth sides are progressing to the finals with the U12 and U16 sitting at the top of their respective Tables and the U14s just outside the top 4.

This Year has also seen a change in the way the Auskick Program has been run, and this has seen Redcliffe being in the top 2 Centres in the Brisbane Juniors Area with a total of 56 Children participating in the program.

Our Club has also being very blessed were we have seen 5 of our youth players being selected to play in various Representative Teams. The players that we congratulate are:

Declan Watson (U12), Liam Dawson (U14), Jackson Dickfos (U14), Peter Furness (U14) and Rosie Pyke (U16).

So as you can see, our Redcliffe Football Club is growing, and the future is assured for more success in years to come. However, success can’t happen without the great coaches, managers and volunteers that are needed in running this football club.

Terry O’Hea

Junior Vice President and the Junior Committee.

Club Membership figures as at 22/7/09

Membership Stats 08/09

Full Members


Associate Members


5 Yr Associate Memb


Total Members


Membership Stats 08/09

Full Members


Associate Members


5 Yr Associate Memb


Total Members



With still over 6 months remaining of over membership year we have easily eclipsed last year’s high of 746 members with 872. Our aim is to have 1500 members by 2011. Thanks Rod for the work that you have put into our membership for this year, we really appreciate your assistance.

Club Sponsorship

Our club would not survive financially without the support of local businesses and sponsors. Please get behind our Major Sponsors and support businesses that support our club.





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