Mixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last WeekendMixed Fortunes Last Weekend

Mixed Fortunes Last Weekend

By , 3 August 2009

Mixed Fortunes Last Weekend
Mixed Fortunes Last Weekend

Seniors & Reserves - BYE

U12's & 14's With Good Wins, U16's So Close

U18's Finish Season with Strong Showing at Home 

Congratulations to Ben 'Spooner' Strang on 200 Games

Mixed Fortunes Last Weekend






                      1st Qtr      2nd Qtr      3rd Qtr       Final Score

Redcliffe        0.0.0        2.2.14        2.8.20          2.9.21

Alex Hills       5.5.35      6.7.43       8.10.58       13.13.91

Goals:  Brad Spencer 1, Zach Keating-Jones 1.

Best:  Matty Palmer, Joel Hart, Tyson Brown, Luke Treacey, Jake Haggerty, Thomas Morcombe, Kurt Arthold, Brad Spencer.




Redcliffe 10.7.67 def by Aspley 10.9.69
Best Players: Strang, Cabrera, Delahay, Wilkinson, Smith, Tansacha, Wadley


Redcliffe Tigers U16’s Match Report 02.08.09

Today saw the Tigers take on Aspley at Rothwell Park, Redcliffe. The ensuring result of this game had some important significance and huge ramification placed upon it from both sides of the fence. Firstly it was a game played between 1st and 2nd on the competition ladder, one win apiece to both sides in their previous encounters, possible favouritism as to the team most likely to lay claim as being tagged the genuine premiership contender. For the Redcliffe Tigers it also marked Ben Strang’s 200th junior club appearance, a feat that is worthy of mention in its own right, but this occasion grouped with the above mentioned , meant that this game was to be like no ordinary game of football. Unfortunately for us Tigers it wasn’t the final result we had been working toward.

We started off like a sprinter out of his blocks, up and running with 3 quick goals on the board even before Aspley knew what hit them. To their credit they responded late in the first term with a couple of easy goals that came about through our own undoing, fundamental skill errors in the last line of defence. This just provided them with that little bit of momentum going into the first break and something to keep their hopes pinned upon. The second quarter saw both teams play football to the level that one would expect from the two top teams, a no inch was given and none was taken type of football, where both teams played for their footballing futures.

The half time break saw us regroup and refocus our attention to the game plan, keep in place our structures and to continue to have faith and trust in our team-mates ability to withstand and uphold their fundamental duty to the team cause, all the while acknowledging and being made aware that Aspley would continue to play the game in the same manner. The third quarter saw just that, both teams at times dominating the play only to be reeled back in, as each and every player worked at trying to step up another level. At three quarter time with the game in the balance and sensing that victory could go either way the players were again asked to dig deep. With both teams refusing to give in, the last quarter saw some fine passages of football played. We had our chances early in the quarter to kick ahead and open up a winning margin, but we were unable to capitalise on them. This in turn left the door ajar for Aspley to continue to thrust forward and take their opportunities. In the end this was the difference between the two teams.

A great game of football was played and not one parent and/or spectator could walk away from today’s game without acknowledging that fact. It will be truly remembered for a long time to come for those who witnessed the game, but unfortunately for us Tigers it won’t be a joyous or happy reminder, but a hollow empty feeling

Congratulations again to Ben ‘Spooner’ Strang, on a fantastic achievement 200 junior games. Well done!

Final Score Redcliffe 10.7.67 def by Aspley 10.9.69
Best Players Strang, Cabrera, Delahay, Wilkinson, Smith, Tansacha, Wadley

Lino Taglieri – Coach Redcliffe U16’s



Ladder After Round 14

POS   TEAM P W L D B For Ag PC Pts
1 Redcliffe 13 9 2 0 2 921 451 204.21 44
2   Aspley Brown 13 10 2 0 1 889 459 193.68 44
3   Strathpine 13 6 5 0 2 564 729 77.37 32
4   Caboolture 13 3 8 0 2 692 788 87.82 20
5   Mt Gravatt White 13 3 9 0 1 524 885 59.21 16




Redcliffe 9 8 62 def Ferny Grove 4 2 26

Best: Rowlands, Pittle, Chucky, Dickfos, Villot, Dawson


For the first time in a long time we had to wait until 1.30pm to play our game and that can always be of concern because you can drain yourself thinking about the game for too long especially if you are unable to focus on the right things and when you finally get to play you’re drained and have no energy or focus.

We had yet another game against a side above us on the ladder that still had a chance to play finals. It was the first time this year we had played them so we were unable to underestimate them or take it for granted that our recent good form would get us through.

The initial 5 minutes gave each side a chance to see what they were up against and fortunately for us we finished the quarter very strong and managed to put some very good goals on the score board thanks to the good work of the onballers in Liam, Driffo, Jacko and Jake Villot to move the ball forward quickly and through weight of numbers our small brigade finished it off with Chucky kicking a couple and Dickfos and Driftman one each. Quarter time lead was 4 3 27 to nil. A great start considering I didn’t think we were as switched on as I would have liked.

The middle two quarters were some of the toughest we have faced this year and both sides created and arm wrestle that was full of tough, hard aggressive contests which both coaches should have been pleased with. I certainly was. Physical clashes were plentiful to some of our mozzie squad in the Cantlin boys and Jacko but to their credit the boys got up dusted off and pushed forward looking at the next contest they needed to be in. Certainly courageous team lifting stuff from these boys. In amongst all of it was another 3 goals to us but more importantly 4 goals to them to still give them a sniff of victory if we decided to ease off the pedal.

The last quarter saw us consolidate with a couple of quick goals and keep them scoreless to take the game away from a very gallant Ferny Grove. Our aim was to win at least one of the next 4 games against the top sides of which we played 4 and then try to finish with two wins against two teams below us at the end. We have in fact won 3 of our last 4 games against sides above us on the ladder and that has been a fantastic effort for all involved.

Once again we had plenty of players who did their part in stages but only a few can say they played well for 4 quarters. Sammy was a stone wall in defense and deserves a lot of credit for the low score of the opposition. Pittle and Chucky were both dangerous up forward each time they went near the ball and Pittle then moved on ball and his mobility was once again dangerous for us. Jacko made the most of his time up forward to finish with 3 goals and could have had more but for some poor kicking at goal. Liam and Jake Villot delivered yet another workman like performance.

I will once again make mention of a couple of players who have experienced some highs and lows this year but are finishing the year with nothing but glowing praise from me for making the very most of their opportunities. Zac O’Hea, JD and Jedda once again utilized their playing ability and followed instructions and made the most their chances showing persistence and determination to do their bit and created scoring opportunities for their team mates by competing when it was their turn to do so. Very well done boys and I hope you realized how happy your teammates were for you.

Congratulations team but remember we still have two hurdles left before we can put our feet up to rest. Starting with training and Everton this week at Everton on Sunday at 9.30pm.This is a very early start and your preparation will need to be different and that is something we will talk about this week.

Thanks once again to Geoff, Storm and Jodie for your support and to all the volunteers who come forward to help Jodie and the team in the roles that need to be filled without being asked. Without you we can’t play. See you next week.

Rob Dickfos

U14's Coach.


Other Results:

Everton 8.2.50 def by Sherwood 8.9.57

Logan 1.1.7 def by Wilston Grange 14.9.93

Coorparoo 10.5.65 def Redlands 9.3.57

Beenleigh 6.10.46 def Alex Hills 6.3.37


Ladder After Round 14

POS   TEAM P W D B L For Ag PC Pts
1   Redlands 13 12 0 0 1 918 338 271.60 48
2   Sherwood Black 13 10 0 0 3 849 420 202.14 40
3   Wilston Grange 13 9 0 0 4 749 436 171.79 36
4   Beenleigh 13 9 0 0 4 843 520 162.12 36
5   Coorparoo 13 9 0 0 4 801 535 149.72 36
6   Ferny Grove 13 7 0 0 6 771 571 135.03 28
7 Redcliffe 13 6 0 0 7 686 549 124.95 24
8   Alexandra Hills Blue 13 4 0 0 9 433 776 55.80 16
9   Everton 13 2 0 0 11 468 875 53.49 8
10   Logan 13 2 0 0 11 385 910 42.31 8




                   1st Qtr      2nd Qtr      3rd Qtr       Final Score

Mayne      1.1.7      2.1.13     3.5.23         4.5.29

Redcliffe  4.6.30    6.9.45     6.10.46       8.13.61

Goals:  Josh Patching 5, Declan Watson 2, Mark Lynne 1.

Best: Ryan O'Shea, Ethan Cole, Mitchel Bramwell, Lachlan Baynes, Josh Patching.

Today we headed to Mayne to take on our namesakes the Mayne Tigers. After a lean three weeks for our boys the week at training was all about getting our side to again run and carry the football and attack from our half back line with run and by switching the point of attack.

We asked the players today to again make a statement to the rest of the competition that we were still a force to be reckoned with and that we rightly belonged in the ladder position we are in. that, with no disrespect to Mayne, was to begin today by taking this game by the throat and dominating our opposition.

For the most part today we believed our boys did control the game and had their direct opponents chasing them for most of the day. Again today our first quarter was perhaps our best and, save for some panicking with the football and crowding the forward line, we did completely dominate the quarter and with some better finishing could have really posted a huge first quarter score.

Unfortunately again our boys need to be able to maintain their focus for a full game and not really switch off for long periods, which they did do today in both the second, but more particularly, the third quarters. It is disappointing that when they have an opposition really under control and can push for a big win that the boys lose concentration and leave the job up to the same few players week after week, rather than taking the responsibility for a game, and how they can influence it, on themselves. Everyone needs to have the confidence to take the game on when it is their turn.

The last quarter was the chance for the boys to do that, and once again they gained confidence, hopefully by again running straight and hard at the football and taking the game on with run and effective handball and kicks. As mentioned we did have control of the game for the most part and once we ironed out some skill and decision making errors we are sure that we will continue to get even better and push ourselves to really take on and beat the teams around us on the ladder.

Today we had quite a few contributors, and really every one played their part and did their bit too make the team successful. I would like to mention the games of Lachlan, Ethan, Ryan and Mitch who all ran hard all day and created opportunity after opportunity for players to finish off their hard work around the ground. and to Josh Patching who finished off the work with 5 goals !!

Happily I get the chance to again write,

The Tigers U12's get too sing the song !!!!!

Chris Nicholson

U12's Coach


Other Results:

Calamvale 8.7.55 def Alex Hills 7.7.49

Aspley 4.5.29 def Springwood 4.2.26

Kenmore 3.13.31 def Ipswich 2.5.17


Ladder After Round 14

POS   TEAM P W D B L For Ag PC Pts
1   Aspley Brown 13 13 0 0 0 621 217 286.18 52
2 Redcliffe 13 9 0 0 4 570 375 152.00 36
3   Calamvale 13 7 0 0 6 578 506 114.23 28
4   Ipswich 13 7 0 0 6 425 388 109.54 28
5   Kenmore 13 7 0 0 6 385 515 74.76 28
6   Alexandra Hills 13 4 0 0 9 465 551 84.39 16
7   Mayne 13 4 0 0 9 406 577 70.36 16
8   Springwood 13 2 0 0 11 312 617 50.57 8


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Mixed Fortunes Last Weekend

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