Masters Wrap:Round 9

By , 12 August 2010

Masters Wrap:Round 9
Masters Wrap:Round 9

The Tiger Masters defeat Sandgate comfortably

Masters Wrap:Round 9

                                                        Robbo Robbo Robbo



Sandgate       1.3...9

Redcliffe     11.8..74


DJ Woodcroft 4, J.Apps 3, A.Ryan, G.Smith, "Poppy & C.Wilkinson 1

Best Players

G.Smith, T.Quick, C.Wilkinson, R.Ide, J.Apps & P.Phelan

Sandgate were our Round 9 opponents and after giving them 2 drubbings last year there was an air of confidence that we could take our win/loss record to 5-4 for the season.

However the first quarter proved to be a different story and our backline was under pressure from the outset.  Fortunately Peter "Pretty Boy" Phelan brought his A game and was instrumental in repelling the opposition's attacks.  Appsy and DJ provided great targets in the forward line and once the game settled the Tigers started to get on top.

They went on with the job in the second quarter, Smithy, Quicky and Wilko were running hard and creating plenty of opportunities for the forwards, the backline continued to repel the best of Sandgate's forward thrusts and the forwards continued to work well together.  After what seemed like an eternity (to me anyway) the siren finally sounded to end the half.

The half time break heralded the arrival of the bus carrying the seniors and ressies who joined Jas Goodenough, Fitzy and the Spinks boys.  The vocal support that they provided kept the Tigers on their toes and in particular seemed to inspire Robbo "The Prez" Ide who appeared to be on a crusade to eliminate the opposition, literally, one by one.

The final quarter began with the Tigers in command by 10 goals.  The umpire had stopped to a walk and after Robbo somehow took out another opponent the umpire called a premature end to the game by invoking some sort of unknown mercy rule.  Strange way to end a game but the result went the right way for the Tigers.

Thanks to Scotty Stanford for helping out by running water and also to Jason and Fitzy for running water as well.  Thanks also to the "support crew" that arrived at halftime...your support was much appreciated!!!

Masters Coordinator

Ian Brown


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Masters Wrap:Round 9

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