Masters Round 2 This Sunday

By , 4 April 2011

Masters Round 2 This Sunday
Masters Round 2 This Sunday

Redcliffe vs Northern Stars (Caboolture)

Sunday 10th April @ Rothwell Park

Full Fixture Now Up

Masters Round 2 This Sunday




The Mighty Masters will go head to head against arch rivals the Northern Stars (Caboolture) this Sunday from 10.00AM (TBC) at home, Rothwell Park...

Masters (38s)

Venue, 1st named team unless advised otherwise. Most games will start at 10:00AM. 

Round 1

27-Mar Palm Beach vs Suncoast 
27-Mar Wilston Grange vs Souths
27-Mar Morningside vs Sandgate
27-Mar Redcliffe vs Moorooka
27-Mar Caboolture vs Hervey Bay
27-Mar Coolangatta vs Mudgeeraba
27-Mar Springwood vs Bombers
27-Mar Aspley vs Kedron

Round 2
10-Apr Coolangatta vs Souths Lab (Carnival - Oval #1) 9am
10-Apr Mudgeeraba vs Kedron Lab (Carnival - Oval #2) 12.30pm
10-Apr Wilston Grange vs Palm Beach Lab (Carnival - Oval #1) 11.40am
10-Apr Morningside vs Aspley Lab (Carnival - Oval #1) 2.20pm
10-Apr Redcliffe vs Caboolture
10-Apr Suncoast vs Hervey Bay
10-Apr Moorooka vs Springwood
10-Apr Bombers vs Sandgate

Round 3
1-May Suncoast vs Morningside
1-May Bombers vs Souths Wynum
1-May Coolangatta vs Springwood played bf snr game @ CG as req
1-May Hervey Bay vs Aspley
1-May Kedron vs Wilston Grange
1-May Moorooka vs Mudgeeraba
1-May Sandgate vs Redcliffe
1-May Palm Beach vs Caboolture Palm Beach - TBC (U18s also)

Round 4
15-May Wilston Grange vs Moorooka
15-May Coolangatta vs Suncoast Palm Beach - TBC
15-May Caboolture vs Kedron
15-May Mudgeeraba vs Aspley Mudgeeraba - TBC
15-May Hervey Bay vs Morningside
15-May Sandgate vs Springwood
15-May Palm Beach vs Bombers Mudgeeraba - TBC
15-May Souths vs Redcliffe

Round 5
29-May Morningside vs Kedron
29-May Wilston Grange vs Aspley
29-May Caboolture vs Springwood
29-May Bombers vs Redcliffe
29-May Mudgeeraba vs Sandgate Labrador - TBC
29-May Palm Beach vs Suncoast Labrador - TBC
29-May Moorooka vs Souths
29-May Coolangatta vs Hervey Bay played bf snr game @ CG as req

Round 6
12-Jun Mudgeeraba vs Wilston Grange SC (Carnival - match order TBC)
12-Jun Morningside vs Souths SC (Carnival - match order TBC)
12-Jun Suncoast vs Redcliffe SC (Carnival - match order TBC)
12-Jun Aspley v Palm Beach SC (Carnival - match order TBC)
12-Jun Caboolture vs Bombers SC (Carnival - match order TBC)
12-Jun Kedron vs Moorooka SC (Carnival - match order TBC)
12-Jun Coolangatta vs Springwood played bf snr game @ CG as req
12-Jun Hervey Bay vs Sandgate switched to HB at request of Sngate

Round 7
26-Jun Souths vs Springwood
26-Jun Redcliffe vs Hervey Bay
26-Jun Morningside vs Coolangatta
26-Jun Suncoast vs Wilston Grange
26-Jun Kedron vs Sandgate
26-Jun Caboolture vs Aspley
26-Jun Moorooka vs Palm beach
26-Jun Bombers vs Mudgeeraba

Round 8
10-Jul Coolangatta vs Wilston Grange Palm Beach - TBC
10-Jul Bombers vs Moorooka
10-Jul Mudgeeraba vs Morningside Burleigh - TBC
10-Jul Springwood vs Caboolture
10-Jul Souths vs Aspley
10-Jul Suncoast vs Hervey Bay
10-Jul Palm Beach vs Sandgate Palm Beach - TBC
10-Jul Kedron vs Redcliffe

Round 9
24-Jul Hervey Bay vs Bombers
24-Jul Suncoast vs Moorooka
24-Jul Wilston Grange vs Caboolture
24-Jul Souths vs Morningside
24-Jul Springwood vs Kedron
24-Jul Mudgeeraba vs Redcliffe Mudgeeraba - TBC
24-Jul Aspley vs Sandgate
24-Jul Palm Beach vs Coolangatta Palm Beach - TBC

Round 10
7-Aug Wilston vs Grange Suncoast
7-Aug Kedron vs Hervey Bay
7-Aug Bombers vs Morningside Wynum
7-Aug Mudgeeraba vs Souths Broadbeach - TBC
7-Aug Springwood vs Palm beach
7-Aug Sandgate vs Moorooka
7-Aug Coolangatta vs Caboolture
7-Aug Redcliffe vs Aspley

Round 11
21-Aug Moorooka vs Hervey Bay
21-Aug Suncoast vs Souths
21-Aug Morningside vs Wilston Grange
21-Aug Mudgeeraba vs Springwood Burleigh - TBC
21-Aug Palm Beach vs Kedron TBC
21-Aug Aspley vs Bombers
21-Aug Sandgate vs Coolangatta
21-Aug Redcliffe vs Caboolture

Round 12
4-Sep Morningside vs Suncoast
4-Sep Souths vs Wilston Grange
4-Sep Bombers vs Moorooka
4-Sep Springwood vs Redcliffe
4-Sep Aspley vs Hervey Bay
4-Sep Caboolture vs Sandgate
4-Sep Kedron vs Coolangatta
4-Sep Mudgeeraba vs Palm Beach TBC (will be on GC)

Gold Coast Grand Final
Sat 17/09

Redcliffe vs ??????

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Masters Round 2 This Sunday

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