Junior & U18's Results

By , 14 July 2009

Junior & U18's Results
Junior & U18's Results

U16's & 14's have good wins

U12's & 18's left licking their wounds

Junior & U18's Results







                  1st Qtr    2nd Qtr     3rd Qtr      Final Score

Redcliffe    2-2-14      2-2-14       2-2-14         3-4-22 
Ipswich       1-1-7       3-1-19       4-2-26         5-3-33
Goal: Ryan O'shea 1,  Jordan Collicoat 1,  Mitchel Bramwell 1. 
Best: Kyle Walton, Brodie Mizzi, Lachlan Baynes, Ryan O'shea, Curtis Nicholson.


After a long two week break, we returned to footy to take on Ipswich at our home ground.
We noted last time we played them that they would be pretty tough to beat and as it turned out that was true.
Having not really gone near a footy for two weeks the challenge the coaching staff had was to try to have the boys ready to play a game. unfortunately for us i think our opposition came more ready to play and in the end probably deserved their victory.
While we definately had some solid four quarter contributors, to be successful it takes all players to know and understand that the decisions they make out on the field are going to be what decides whether the team they are in has a good day or a poor day. Coaches and parents can only do so much too help and when they are out on the ground they need to take responsibility themselves and decide if they will do all they can too help the team or just sit back and spectate.
Right through the year so far we have not had any spectators and it was disappointing that we could see traces of it in this game.
For all that we still very much had our chances too win the game and it was only through some poor decision making and skill errors, and also some genuine bad luck , that in the last quarter we did not get our noses in front. With the balled parked in our forward line for most of the quarter it would have only taken one bit of fortune and the result may have been different.
What we will do as a team now is focus on getting our confidence back in each other and start to play the football we want to play, rather than having it dictated to us by our opposition. When we decide to move the ball with run we can still match, and better any team in the competition and the challenge now is for the boys to get back the run the opposition off there legs mentality they had in the early games.
As mentioned we did have some real contributors on the weekend and I will give mention to some of them. To Kyle Walton who had his best game by far and really took his game to the next level, that we hope he builds on. Also to Brodie, Lachlan, Curtis and Ryan who all had really good games, especially Ryan who had the honour of being tagged in a u 12's game.
We will all learn from what happened in that game, learn from it and move on to our next big challenge...
There is always next week to make amends and that is what we will do !!!

Chris Nicholson
U12's Coach




Redcliffe 14.15.99 def Beenleigh 3.5.23

 Best: Dawson, Crispe, Dickfos, Ely, Pittle, Furness


A beautiful day at Beenleigh to play against the number three team on the ladder and a big ground, is what welcomed us on Sunday the 12th of July. We had had a long break from training over the holidays and it would be interesting to see who had regained their enthusiasm to play.

We presented our team with a more definite game plan and a threat to drag anyone who doesn’t abide by the team rules. Luck was a fortune for some and we were able to field close to our strongest available side for the first time this year.

Plan was simple, play on at all costs and use your team mate every time they ran past for a handball. This enabled us to move the ball quicker and players up field were instructed to position themselves to the advantage of the ball carrier and not what suited themselves. We also played some players in different roles which could have gone either way for us.

From the first ruck contest easily won by Liam, the players followed instructions to the letter and virtually had the game under control at quarter time with a 4 goals lead. The ease at which we were able to dictate the game and its speed was unbelievable and it appeared today was going to be our day and we, as a team, would finally show our true potential.

It was the most enjoyable game to watch when all that you teach is actually implemented and even the players coming on and off the bench continued the momentum with an enthusiastic and committed attitude.

I will not individualize any of the players performances but sum it up as a great team performance. Players must now realize that success comes with total input from all and a proper commitment can make all the difference.

I have since spent time with the players to point out individual truths, requirements and expectations for the remainder of the year and hope that everyone understands the importance of these things if players are to continue with footy in future years but also become the proper team players that we require and give them every chance of maximizing game time and opportunities.

Thanks to all of our volunteer helpers again and to our supporters.

Special mention to Braeden Cester and Corbin Dickfos who bother suffered injuries in the 16’s that could have possibly ended both seasons. Only time will tell. Get well soon boys for your own sake and that of your families.

Thanks all.

Rob Dickfos

PS. please note this weekends game has been changed and is now at 11.30am at Sherwood and not at 10.am as first indicated.




Redcliffe 10.7.67 def Caboolture 7.11.53

Better players : Sam Munsie, Joe Gould, Ben Strang, Ben Delahay and Jarrod Hayes.


12th JULY 09

A sunny and warm morning greeted us this week as the U16’s took on Caboolture at Redcliffe City oval. With our preparation being interrupted over the past few weeks from wet weather, school holidays and player injuries, it was a wait and see, as to how the boys would approach this game. Having played Caboolture in the very first round of the season and then subsequently having our return fixture cancelled during the wet season, we were anticipating a good contest from the outset. Caboolture undermanned and only fielding 18 players showed why that if and when they have a full compliment of players to choose from, they will certainly pose us problems in the future. They played with commitment, enthusiasm and a never say attitude that we could not match in the first half. In saying all of that, we still went into the half time break leading by a couple of points. So for all the effort that Caboolture had put into that first half and for all of our inept playing of the football, just reinforces my belief that we have in the making a very capable and good team when we choose to play.

This was evident for all to see in the third quarter, as we were a totally different team to the one that had just played, our renewed enthusiasm, our commitment and the way that we shared the ball amongst our team-mates provided plenty of scoring opportunities and we were able to kick 6 unanswered goals and put the game out of reach for Caboolture. Although they did manage to whittle our three quarter lead down to 14 points, in the end we held on for the victory. Not a bad result considering we only really played a quarter and a half of good quality football, the football that we want to see and expect from not only our parents, supporters and coaching staff but more importantly from ourselves.

The game however did result in a couple of casualties, we had both Braeden Cester and Corbin Dickfos receive arm injuries. We wish them both a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming them back into the team in the future.

Lino Taglieri

U16's Coach




Redcliffe 4.4.28 def by Toowoomba 18.9.117

Goals: Kieren Hart 3, Tyson Brown 1.

Best: Brad Spencer, Harley Frusher, Tyson Brown, Tyler Hayes, Matty Palmer, Lachlan Soutter, Kieren Hart.


Other Results:

Mayne 12.12.84 def Wilston Grange 6.7.43

Alex Hills 28.22.190 def Caboolture 3.1.19

Nambour 8.11.59 def by University 10.7.67


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Junior & U18's Results

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