Clean Sweep for Juniors

By , 17 August 2009

Clean Sweep for Juniors
Clean Sweep for Juniors

Under 12's, 14's & 16's all with Good Wins

U12's & U16's Start Their Finals Campaign next Saturday

Josh Sands & Kyle Walton 100 Auskick/Junior Games

Clean Sweep for Juniors





Redcliffe 12.20.92 def Caboolture 5.6.36

Report to follow...




Redcliffe 6 8 44 Defeated Alex Hills 3 7 25

Best: Rowlands, Dickfos, O’Hea, Villot, Driftman.


The under 14’s played their first game at home for 7 weeks and their last game for the season. Unfortunately it was a nothing game in terms of the ladder and finals aspirations as we had missed our chance of a top 5 position due to some lapses earlier on in the year.

While saying that it was yet another opportunity to play and compete. To finish on a positive note and follow through with our commitment to win as many of our last 6 games as we could. We won 5 with just that narrow loss against Sherwood. How good is that?

It was obvious that both Alex Hills and Redcliffe wanted to win yesterday as just reward for persistence and commitment over the last 8 months. The day had everything. Perfect weather, although a little hot. Two already fired up teams, a milestone game for one of the team favorites in Josh Sands playing his 100th game of footy at Redcliffe. (Fantastic effort Josh). Four points to be won and a large number of passionate families and supporters of both clubs to spur them on.

Without going into too much detail, fortunately for us we were able to sustain the pressure for longer than Alex Hills. We were able to finish off some of our forward thrusts better than them and we persisted for longer especially in our defense where in particular Sammy and Zac O had built that stone wall.

It was great to see that while we didn’t play our best footy, those watching saw the character we have built and the fighting quality this team has developed throughout the year.

Congratulations again to Josh for his 100th game. Well done to our defense that has been ruthless and stingy all year averaging around only 40 points against each week. The ever reliable Jake V and our own Tonka Tuff Tank in Driffo, who act as our enforcers when the physical stuff is needed. Of course we can’t forget our little inspiration package in Jacko who will always commit his body for the good of the team and ball possession. Unfortunately it can come at a price and this week it did. Jacko sustained a neck injury near the very end of the game that will keep him away from any activity over the next 3 weeks while the swelling at the back of his neck settles down. All scans and xrays showed no breaks but until things settle he is restricted.

What he does remember is his teammates singing the song on his departure in the ambulance and how proud he is to be in the team and he can’t wait to hook up at our break up and enjoy their company.

Obviously being our last game there is plenty to say but I will leave that for presentation night so please get in for your tickets everyone and don’t miss what will be a great night.

Thanks to all of our helpers again and to my fantastic support staff in Geoff, Jody and Storm, we have all played our part in bringing this team through to where we ended and you guys should be as proud of them as I am and of yourselves.

Please come and support our 12’s and 16’s over their finals campaign and don’t forget the masters next Sunday because apparently I am playing.

Rob Dickfos

U14's Coach



Redcliffe def Alex Hills

                1/4 time   1/2 time   3/4 time    Final Score

Redcliffe    4.0.24      5-5-35      8.10.58      12.11.83

Alex Hills   4.1.25       6-2-38      7.2.44        10.2.62

Goals: Ethan 2, Billy 2, Josh.P 2, Mitchel 2, Dan 1, Declan 1, Lachlan 1, Jack 1.

Best: Ethan, Brodie, Mitch, Josh.P, Billy, Kyle.


The last home and away game of the year saw the tigers at home to Alexandra Hills. After an up and down last six weeks, we as a group, players, coaching staff and parents all used our Monday training session to put together some things important to all of us in the hope it would again bring out the confident, free running side of early in the year. Happily that side did appear today.

We asked the boys for a full four quarter effort today and I think that was exactly what we got. Even playing with only 18 players in total and on a really warm day the boys showed that when they have confidence in each other and use the football efficiently they can match it with any side in the competition.

What was very pleasing from today's game was that we got back to not only controlling the football, but also being able to put together four quarters of scoreboard pressure, and while the second quarter was disappointing as far as accuracy goes, we still managed to get those shots on goal and only need to convert a little better too post scores that will be hard for teams to chase down.

We also need to get a little better at the defensive side of our game and not let our opposition score as easily as they sometimes do, which was the case today. We engaged in a shootout with Alex Hills in the first quarter and while it is fantastic too see the boys run with the football, we also need to keep in our minds to be defensive and push back hard too help our defence if need be.

Today's game we had an opposition that even with only 16 players on the field decided to start the game with a loose player in defence and it meant that our captain Ethan was thrust into a Jonathan Brown type situation with two players on him for most of the game, but too Ethan's credit he beat both of them through sheer hard work and a willingness to keep presenting as a target across the whole forward line. Offcourse that meant we had a loose man in our defence and both Brodie and Mark filled that role fantastically, at times having the opposition centre half forward in two minds as to who to play on.

What was also pleasing was that we were able to have such a spread of goalkickers, and the most pleasing thing about that is that it means we are starting to lift our vision and find the right options, not just in the forward line but around the ground. And there were a few instances of that, most notably Mitch Bramwell, who again had a fabulous game, finding Marcus' brother, Nick, with a fantastic pass and great lead that had Nicka's eyes lighting up on the run.

I have mentioned a couple of names here who had really great games but as I said at the end of the game what I was most proud of today was that everyone managed to get their hands on the footy and contribute to the effort which hopefully will hold us in good stead for what's to come. I was also proud of the boys singing voices, both in their rendition of our song, and for singing happy birthday to Jordan's Mum , Joy, who celebrated her birthday running water !!!!

Offcourse I am not forgetting our milestone player this week. To Kyle, who played his 100th game for the Tigers today. Mate I want you to believe what I told you in our meeting and how we all look to you to do that tough stuff, which so far this year, you have done. Well done on your 100 th !!!!!!

I could literally write everyone else's name in here as I believe that was our most complete team performance for this year. So Ryan, Lachlan, Declan, Josh.P, Connor, Willy, Dan, Jack, Billy, Jade and Braidyn, well done boys !!!!!!!

Thankyou to each and every parent and sibling for your help during the home and away season and we all look forward to the next part of the season starting !!

Hopefully not for the last time, today the Tigers U12's get too sing the song !!!!

Chris Nicholson
U12's Coach


Kyle Walton - 100 Games

Kyle was 5 years old when the Auskick reps visited his school.
He joined Auskick because he wanted the cool back-pack & cap.
Kyle was one of many Auskick children chosen to play half time at a Brisbane Lions game at the Gabba.
He was so excited to be playing on the big footy field. That was when he decided he wanted to play footy like the big boys.
kyle was 6 years old when he joined the Redcliffe Tigers in 2003.
This is Kyle's 7th season for the Tigers and this year he is playing in the under 12's and celebrating his 100th game.


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Clean Sweep for Juniors

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