A Word From Wardy

By , 19 January 2010

A Word From Wardy
A Word From Wardy

International Flavour Adds to Buzz at Club

A Word From Wardy






Four optional fitness sessions. Chappy at the helm. Early January. Sounds like a hard slog doesn’t it? I will admit, it was, however the good numbers each night can attest to the benefit of getting a jump on the opposition with a solid head-start. Every time the guys were forced to break through a pain barrier, then another, the overwhelming pride from the group grew. Mates pushing mates, urging each other on and individually never giving up. These four gruelling sessions were short and intense and were as beneficial to fitness as they were to the team attitude.

Now with regular pre-season kicking off on Tuesday the 19th, we are expecting large numbers as the ‘buzz’ down there at Rothwell Park is beginning to really snowball! The brains’ trust of Sippa, Taz, Browney & Chappy are leaving nothing to chance this year with a well-formulated training and practice match regime ready to go. Unlike the previous seasons where coaches such as myself, Paul & Heathy were instated reasonably late, the club has demonstrated their supreme development attitude in being meticulously organised leaving us, the player, with little more to do than turn up and catch the wave!

In welcoming some new players to the club this week, and please forgive me if this sounds like a bad joke, but an Englishman, an Irishman and a South African walked into the club....and all three of our international members were put through their paces on Tuesday and impressively returned on Thursday with an even keener desire to work. I’ll say it again, there is a great feeling building in the black & yellow. Another ‘overseas’ player Boydey (from Tasmania) showed none of his self-confessed ‘rust’ after a few years off and he too looks to be an exciting prospect for 2010.

With society today constantly using the media to label all young people as binge-drinking cyber-bullies amongst other things, and even though at times I have nearly agreed, it's very encouraging to get down to training where there are a group of U16 & U18 players who have willingly sacrificed some holiday opportunities to improve their football and fitness, my jealousy of their natural fitness makes this a little hard to say, but as some of us get a LITTLE older, it is great to see some quality young footballers, and people displaying the mental toughness to give themselves every chance of excelling in our game for years to come.

Off the field I have to mention there still is going to be a working bee just around the corner, It would show another step forward if many guys volunteered a small amount of time to improve OUR club. With Robbo in charge of maintenance and doing a great job, this will give us a chance to return the favour and who knows, by helping Robbo out you may avoid the ‘ice-shower’ after a game! Speaking of help, a big thankyou goes out to Bretto, Richo & Ricky for their efforts in cleaning out the change rooms early one recent Saturday morning. The guys gave up 1 & a half hours of their weekend and achieved a massive result. Add to this the renovations done to the umpire’s rooms, the new netting behind the goals and Stevo’s lockers and I personally would struggle to find a chink in the entire club’s armour.

As they say, ‘Onward & Upward’, see you all on Tuesday.

Shane Ward

Seniors Co-Assistant Coach


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