Masters vs Morningside

By , 18 April 2016

Masters vs Morningside
Masters vs Morningside

45's Had Good Win, 35's within 2 goals at 3 Qtr Time

Masters vs Morningside









Another game down, now onto the next game against Souths. 

I am sure everyone is sore and tired after another hot day.

Well done to all in the 45's who all played well great to see a good win today.

With the 35's, tough start although getting the first goal morning side then used the tall's they had to there advantage and put a few on more than us in the first, their ruck men really put a big challenge for Chaff and I am sure we all agree an outstanding effort to go all day and still present around the ground.

Second qtr we hit the packs hard and came out with the ball a lot more and really kept the pressure on although some minor moments we they moved the ball quickly down the ground.

Third was by far our best and started to knock on the door of taking the lead. Good mark to Billy first gamer and finish with a goal. Mids tightened up and started clearing the ball from centre which made this a lot easier to hit the score board.

Last qtr after having no bench left and tired bodies did start to take its toll. 

Started fairly even and the ball seamed to go backward and forward with both sides not being able to hit the scoreboard.. Morning side where able to get a few easier entries toward the and put a few through the goals which in turn put the score line back out in the end.

Well I must say I am very happy with everyone efforts and commitment to the game. It was always going to be rough when they bring out 8players 6ft plus.


The lads in the backs had a big day ahead them. All stayed strong all day well done guys.

I am finding it way too hard to give best players as everyone put in a consistent effort.


Look after yourselves though the week and try to keep the soreness under control.

Look forward to seeing us at home for our first game and come away with 2 wins.

Special mentions must go out to pinny, Dario, Justin & Scotty for backing up to help with numbers today.

Good work all, although we haven't got on the board just yet we will have an opportunity in the return leg at home.

Go Tigers

Craig Carman




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Masters vs Morningside

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